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jet lagged

here is what 429a looks like and I dont really dig it right now unless Im doing backflips in a hotel lobby with friends. This is not the case.

I took off from LAX at 745p last night and made it into a 100 degree Las Vegas at 900p. With 2.5 hours to kill in the airport for my layover I decided is was best to skate. I wish that I had video on my iPhone, i need to upgrade soon to capture the last 4 months of my 20s, because I was killing a section of the world that most likely had never been skated before. Pristine tile floors just begging to be skated and I obliged. I was in terminal D of Vegas’ McCarren Airport and there really werent that many people to be seen. A couple hundred here and there, but all on their way out and into Sin City to search for strippers and co-caine. Or just to vacation.

Wish I had one day here to make this phrase count

I skated all three sections of terminal D and didnt even catch a second look from security as I flew by. I mean this is an absolutely surreal scene to be ducking and weaving through recent flyers and degenerate gamblers without getting yelled at. I had some kids clapping as I screamed through, turned around and offered them a chance to ride, but moms put the kabash on that with a quickness, so I skated on. I skated until my nose lead me to a cinnabon, something that I havent had in probably years. Technically I was still on vacay at that time, so why not enjoy the ooey gooey drizzly cinnamony goodness of 200,000,076 calories. It was better than I remembered. I shouldve grabbed a second one for the road. Read more…


x games: day 2, 2100

a place of greatness

We are back at the hotel now and finally got to crack a beer with the crew. It’s nice to sit down for a while in some AC on my bed and just relax. Today was really chock full of work and it was a lot of running around so I am kind of beat again. That’s what happens when you are old balls I guess.

We had Adaptive Moto X practice and seeding today so we were out in the sun and on the track for majority of the day. I can’t really complain because this is one of my favorite parts of coming out here to X. Getting to hang on the track that these super athletes flip, whip, and soar on is just incredible to me. To top it off we are in the Coliseum, the home of the 1932 and 1984 Olympics, and to USC football. I am standing in a place of true greatness and its something that I will always cherish. I couldn’t help but think about this all day long as I looked around the place. Every time I was feeling the heat or sneezing from the heavy dust, all I could really go back to was the immense amount of history that has occurred in the place where I now stand. DOPE.

daniel looking up at women's moto start

We were on track for a couple of practice sessions with Adaptive and even got to stay on for both the mens and women’s runs. Its nuts to feel the throttle in your chest as these guys and gals rip over triples and through the whoop sections. To smell the exhaust and inhale the dust is just something that takes me back to my time on the track at the last couple of X games and even back to Tucson when Cody, Tony and Doyle ripped around in the desert. Just a hell of a good time. Read more…

x games: day 2, 0931

Nate Adams and Twitch

Ive got two other posts to put out about my trip here, but the internet in the room is $11 a day. Call me cheap but that’s almost $100 for internet a week. Ill make sure to get it out later today, when I have to get into some homework (sh!t). Who does homework at X games, not the athletes or too many other people because they have jobs. Nope, its this guy.

Last night was pretty laid back after a hectic day of inprocessing the Adaptive athletes. We just grabbed a quick bite from the athlete lounge then headed back towards the hotel. Koeppe, J-Bird, Daniel, and I rolled to the gas station for some brewhas and then back to the hotel for the night. It was a good way to get geared up for the rest of the week. Just hanging in the hotel rooms with a Sparxx (the world’s greatest energy drink), some Bud heavies, and Tecates. It was good to reconnect with the AAS crew and to see how things are changing for the organization.

Amy showed us all the swag and other free stuff that she

Robbie Maddison

was able to get from Element and Vans, and was so excited about her latest shopping spree. A girl’s dream right, to be able to walk into a store and to pick anything she wants for her 10 friends. Pretty sick way to roll. Read more…

Phx to LAX (27July2010)

Amare Stoudamire of the NY Knicks

Got into the airport in Phoenix and feeling like I should be taking a flight into Tucson or at least meeting up with my crew from AZ. That’s not the case this time and I can handle it, though it sucks to be so close yet so far away.

Ill be able to handle because 1) The devil has seen it fit to let me be after the torture of the previous flight, 2) Im flying to LAX for the X GAMES!!, and 3) one of my favorite basketball players is on my flight, Amare Stoudarmire. Formally of the Phoenix Suns and now with the New York Knikerbockers, I am so stoked to see this dude in action especially if NY gets Carmelo and Chris Paul in the next two years. Big three in Miami, yes, but this could be the new Lakers v Celtics rivalry of old. I hope this actually goes down because this would be the most exciting basketball since the Bird, Johnson, Jordan era. Read more…