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whales, vicious killers from the depths of hades?

This could have been me!!

So a couple months back I wrote some posts praising whale watching and how amazing of an experience it was to be next to these incredible creatures. Well, now Im thinking twice about my whale endorsement. I mean this guy basically makes me look like I have no idea what I am talking about and you probably will stop reading my rants all because of this whale. I didnt know he was going to do this and I never would have suspected whales to be such conniving beasts. Maybe they are blood thirsty creatures sent from the depths of hades to deliver whale tail whacks to our million dollar yachts. Im not sure what to even believe in any more. I feel betrayed and I would like to apologize for my love fest of whales in earlier posts. I would like to retract these statements and let you decide for yourselves. Watch this horror if you dare…(its not really horror, its a crazy story out of South Africa, check it.) Read more…


“cape beer” day 4

If I were charting a boat, this would be it on principle

Cape Fear but with beer and without DeNiro or young Juliette Lewis and the whole threatening of murder thing. So I guess its really nothing like that movie I suppose.

Good morning world, let’s go see some whales! I was jazzed up, but didnt really understand that this day would end up possibly ranking as a top ten moment in my life. I wish I could go into everyday with that kind of feeling.

We hit the road around 1030 for our noon launch out into the Atlantic. The drive was smooth and once again we talked about all things under the sun; old vacations, funny emails, phone plans, and stuff that there was no way I would remember. The crew arrived in Provincetown, MA a little before noon and we embarked on our whale watching excursion. We chose Dolphin Fleet Whale Watchers because they came highly reccomended on the internet and at our condo. Our tour guide spoke about the formation of the Cape, the reasoning behind the high whale population in the area and educated us on the whale types. There are two types of whales, toothed and baleen. Toothed whales are killer whales, minkes, beluga, dolphins and the like. Baleen whales do not have teeth, but instead use patches of specialized hair to filter out water and keep in fish or krill. It looks like the head of a broom and is made out of keratin, the same as your hair and fingernails. Bet you never thought you would come to this blog for some real education on sea-life did ya? You’ve just been edumacated! Read more…

still on tucson time

June 4, 2010 3 comments

I was lucky enough to rack out around midnight last night, but tonight is going to be different I think. Its 0130, I watched the Lakers win (damn), I finished up the series finale of 24 (good, but its no LOST), and now I am wide awake laying in my new bedroom. Im supposed to catch a bus to Boston (its actually split time between the Cape and Boston) tomorrow, but I kinda feel like sleeping all day in my bed. If I did that my mom would kill me because I am supposed to be in MA by 530 so she can pick me up on her way in. I guess I wont disappoint, but I am feeling down right out of place at this moment. I know I am coming off the high of being back in Tucson and having such a great crew around, but it might be more than that.

Im almost 30, Im back in school, but have no true path to where I want to be in life. Is this my midlife crisis happening 20 years too early? Could be. If so, where’s my shiny red sports car and my sexy arm candy? Sometimes I feel like Im doing the right thing, but then there are other times where I feel like I am just kidding myself. I dont want to work all my life, but right now I am on pace to do just that since I have nothing to show. In a couple months I will have a piece of paper that says Im a college grad and then a year and some change from there I should have another paper that says I Mastered Management, but then what? I know that’s down the road, but I have so many accomplished friends, so many people with strict paths to success and here I am in a rented room the size of a closet with nothing but a bed to my name. A crappy-ass bed at that. One that I am offering up on craigslist soon because it is unlucky, if you catch ma drift. “That” is definitely not a top priority for me, but figuring out a life plan I guess is. Read more…