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Collard breath…

January 8, 2011 Leave a comment

south of the Mason/Dixon people is the south

…may be the most rancid smell on the face of the earth outside of the shitters in Afghanistan.

I’ll explain. I technically grew up in the south, as you can see with this graphic depiction to the left of this blurb. See Maryland IS part of the South non-believers! Because of this, I am in love with southern food. Fried anything, BBQ any style, stewed tomatoes and corn, cornbread both sweet and jalapeno-y, red beans and rice, Cajun or creole, and of course collard greens. Maybe I have a little more “soul” in me than most from my area, but I just love me some southern food.

Being an adventurous eater, I know that some food items don’t truly agree with me though I love them. One of these happens to be collards. Not thinking clearly, I ordered a batch from Fat Fish Blue in Orlando the other night (best meal I have had in a while. Fried chicken with their own recipe, mashed reds, red beans and rice, and an order of collards) and it was possibly the best collards I have ever eaten. Everyone at the table tried them, most for the first time, and all agreed they were great. Read more…


surf expo 2011 booth

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment


Reef cups far behind us, Chris and I rolled out to Orlando to set up Ogden Clothing’s booth at Surf Expo 2011. We had walked the Surf Expo in Sept and had a blast, but now it was time for our first exhibition of NJ style with the big dogs. Every major player in the surf world would be there; Billabong, Reef, Quiksilver, and here we were. Little fish in a big pond.

The idea behind our booth was to capture something out of Anchorman with rich mahogany and many leather-bound books. We wanted to make the shop owners, other exhibitors, and anyone else walking the expo to feel welcome with our setup. We wanted people to walk into the booth, look around and catch our vibe. We had everything from cassette tapes to vinyl, an old radio, pictures of our whole crew and riders, some Bustin longboards, and Andy Warde’s mind-blowing artwork. We had some guitars, a couple old school snifters filled with sophisticated man drinks and grandma’s pimp cups which were conversation starters by themselves. The idea, the concept was amazing. The set up and assembly, however was a nightmare. Read more…


January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Newark Intl sunrise

Goodbye Newark, Hello Miami. It’s nice to see you for the first time. I hear it’s 68 degrees outside. Thanks for keeping the temp right where I like it. I guess I need to buy a pair of Tommy Bahama shorts while I’m here or maybe some white linen pants like big Will Smith. Oh, it’s nice to see you sun. You left the northeast a while ago. I’ve missed you from my jersey shore days, can you say the same? I’m ready to get reacquainted with FLA.

Rise and shine at 444a this morn with a jolt because I was having a dream that I missed my flight. The morning came way too quickly, but I can’t really complain as I am now sitting in Key Largo. I’ll trade a few hours of sleep for a flight to Florida any day. Read more…

WELCOME HOME JOE (its in all caps for emphasis because its a good cause!)

September 30, 2010 5 comments

So a long time ago, when I used to keep up with this blog, I wrote about a photo shoot that I particpated in with, Joseph Abboud, and JC Penney. Well if you read about it and wanted so longingly to see those pics, well here THEY ARE!!!! Im totally joking about the previous statement, but really, the campaign is about to launch with the JC Penney mailer that goes out to a hand full of millions of people and also the JC Penney website has a section devoted to it. Im honestly amazed at how well we all were portrayed and the pics and videos are incredible. Im sure Ill get some fun poked at me for doing this, but this is an experience unlike I have ever had and I am thankful to, JC Penney, and Joseph Abboud for letting me be a part of this. I am truly and humbly thankful. Read more…