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Google visit

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment

welcome to Google

I’m not sure how many people go beyond using the search tools and maps and earth and docs and gmail, but have you ever read about Google? I mean, read articles about the coolness of Google? I get that some people hate “mainstream” entities because they are the monopolizers of our creativity and leave no room for small business….blah blah blah. Only hipsters and closed minded people think like this.

If you have ever read about Google, you know that the reason they are number one in the world of business is because they invest in the happiness of their employees. Tony Hsieh of Zappos surely read something about Google when he started his vision quest for an online shoe retailer to end all shoe retailers. In doing so, he became the coolest shoe dude there is, trumping Lebron and Kobe (besides, neither of these guys is Jordan). Tony started a happy company and I would bet that he learned a thing or two from Google.

I have read a ton of articles on Google. Everything from their earnings reports to blogs about Groupon turning down their $6 billion buyout proposal. Must be nice to turn down $6 Billy. The one thing that always stuck out to me was the fact that Google bred creativity. I don’t mean, Googlers (that’s what they are called inside the Google-talk) standing up on a pedestal and preaching to the masses about how to be creative. I mean that they actual breed a culture in which it is IMPOSSIBLE to not create! I have seen a couple of pictures of the inside of the “campus” before but never dreamed I would get to walk through the golden arches, shit I got MickyD’s on the mind, I mean those pearly gates to a heaven of creative powerhouses. Well folks, today I did just that and it was everything I dreamed it could be. You know how I know that it was everything that I ever dreamed it could be? Because there was a laminated painting of Michael Jackson set in an 1800’s ballroom on a table in a microkitchen (tiny kitchen with all the necessary amenities). MJ in white opened button down, black gloves and hair blowing in the wind. The people around him in puffy ballroom garb and top hats. (UPDATE! See below – Thanks CL)

HEE HEE, Hell Yea MJ!

When I walked through the doors from the elevator, I was greeted by a gingerbread house made of cardboard that served as the reception desk. This was complete with snowmen riding Razors who had badges and hipster glasses on. Typical New York Snowmen. Just as the icon of Google changes online most days, so does the decor of the company. As we crossed into the badged areas, I immediately became a kid again. I mean they have a Lego room where you can have a meeting while building something out of Legos! WHAT? A working erector(ha)set ferris wheel that stands at almost eye level. Tables and comfy chairs riddle the landscape of halls, meeting rooms, and open office space as far as the eye can see. I mean this literally too because Google takes up several floors of a building that is one city block large. They ride Razors around inside because there is so much area to cover (now if I can get them to buy in on some Bustin Boards Longboards. I happen to know the owners…).

Everything about this place screams “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! DO SOMETHING THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE! CREATE!” The walls are littered with interesting murals, paintings, Google adaptations, story boards of new products/ideas. The insides of office spaces are personalized. There are funny quotes, drawings, pictures, posters all over and you can sense what each person is about and what fuels them by looking around their area. It’s a hyper-creative atmosphere that just got my heart pumping. It’s EXACTLY where I would want to work. Let me rephrase that, it’s EXACTLY how I want my business’s environment to be. No 9-5, no cubicles, no over watch. Just open, free air workspaces filled with what each person in the team needs to be creative AND all the tools imaginable to make those ideas come to life. Read more…



This is the most exciting accounting pic I could find AND accountants apparently use old-fashioned pens!

Some people get it, some people don’t. Some people like them, still others don’t. I would dare to liken numbers to cilantro. Maybe the first time in history that this comparison has ever been brought to light but I feel that it is an accurate one. Hopefully you will too after I explain my reasoning for this.

I am finishing up Accounting280 this week in college and I have to say that this is, by far, the WORST class I have ever been in. I can’t say that the teacher has much to do with how bad it is because accounting is just something that doesn’t interest me, never has and never will. My teacher is a very soft-spoken, monotone fellow who does well to convey the vast knowledge he obviously has stored in that beautifully shorn head of his, but I just get talked to sleep. He uses me as a comparison many times right as I am on the verge of a micro nap so I have to spring back to life and act like I know where we are. Since I am the only business owner in the class, he uses Bustin Boards to illustrate many of the principles we are trying to discover. Throughout this course, I have learned some things about where our prior mistakes were in the accounting of our inventory and money. That’s a good thing. I also learned the importance of the accounting behind the numbers of a company. Another good thing. But the fact still remains that I cannot wrap my head around this. I am simply not a numbers guy. Yes, I can figure out the solutions to problems, equate averages and create balance sheets (somewhat), but this drives me crazy. Im a people person. I crave interaction, something to engage me. Call this ADD if you want, but I do like shiny things. Numbers cant offer me that. Read more…

They’re called quips because they’re quick…

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

I believe this is from a Chris Farley movie, but I could be mistaken. Either way, this line has stayed with me a long time and I think that in my daily writings I need to inspire laughter, not bitch about my present college classroom situation.

My friend Chris owns a apparel company called Ogden Clothing out of Hoboken NJ. His shirt designs are pretty progressive in terms of artwork and they are printed on American Apparel silky, urban chic Ts. He is so trendy! Either way, he has already started the company, but now is looking for a creative way to give back. One day I get an email and it reads like this… Read more…