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Phx to LAX (27July2010)

Amare Stoudamire of the NY Knicks

Got into the airport in Phoenix and feeling like I should be taking a flight into Tucson or at least meeting up with my crew from AZ. That’s not the case this time and I can handle it, though it sucks to be so close yet so far away.

Ill be able to handle because 1) The devil has seen it fit to let me be after the torture of the previous flight, 2) Im flying to LAX for the X GAMES!!, and 3) one of my favorite basketball players is on my flight, Amare Stoudarmire. Formally of the Phoenix Suns and now with the New York Knikerbockers, I am so stoked to see this dude in action especially if NY gets Carmelo and Chris Paul in the next two years. Big three in Miami, yes, but this could be the new Lakers v Celtics rivalry of old. I hope this actually goes down because this would be the most exciting basketball since the Bird, Johnson, Jordan era. Read more…


how bout them suns

I know I should probably be a Washington Wizards fan since I grew up in MD, but I cannot. I root for them when I can, but feel no attraction to them as a team. This would not change even if they were winning, which they may never do. The Phoenix Suns on the other hand, HIYO (apparently “Hiyo” is the Jersey war cry and I have taken it as my own. Consider yourself edumacated)!! The first day I was ever in AZ in 2003, my dad and I checked out a Suns win versus the Rockets. From that moment on, I knew that I had finally found my basketball team. Here we are now 6 years later and just tied up the Western Conference Final with the Lakers. After being blown out, I mean out of the stadium, embarrassing blown out, we came back with two huge wins in Phx. Amare blew up for 42 two nights ago and had another brilliant game tonight with the bench adding 50+ points. That’s unheard of! The series heads back to LA for game 5 on Thursday and then on Saturday they come back to Phx.

Weird, guess who’s in AZ at that same time? Can anyone put a finger on it, who could it be? Its me FOOLS!! How much are tickets and who’s going with me. Even weirder fact. I am in AZ for the Suns to clinch the Western Conference Championship and THEN I am in Boston the following week. Is this fate? I am not sure how I can afford to go to a game in Phx and a game in Boston, but I think that is what Jesus wants me to do. I mean what are the odds, really? I plan a trip to Tucson that gets moved earlier because Bennett is leaving for the desert. This allows me to go to Phx for the clinching game. Because I moved my AZ trip earlier, I am now going to Boston with my family because they got a timeshare up there randomly. What?! The same week that the finals are going on!!! Its meant to be and Im going to try to make it happen. This is going to be a stretch on the ole piggy bank, but how often does the Lord jesus himself tell you that you need to go to a couple basketball games?

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I am watching the LOST finale right now and I cannot explain to you the rollercoaster Im on unless you are a fan too. I havent been a LOST fan for the past 6 years like many of you. I only found this phenomenon this year through Bub (I owe you big time. Thanks Bub). From watching the first episode, I knew I would be hooked and now here I am watching the end of an era. Since I am lucky enough to not have a job besides being a full time college student, I had the luxury of watching all 5 seasons, 94 hours, in less than 3 weeks leading up to the final season. Yes, I might have sat on the couch for a little too long each day watching this mythical adventure unwind, but now that I am seeing what I am seeing, I am truly thankful to have experienced it first hand.

Note: The target commercials are amazing byt the way. The smoke monster coming out onto the beach then it being a commercial for smoke detectors. The keyboard from the hatch isnt working and its a commercial for $23.00 keyboards at Target. The boar running through the forest and then BBQ sauce coming up. Priceless.

Are other people blogging their feelings as the show is going on too? I cant imagine that I am the only LOST nerd expressing his feelings through blog right now. But if I am, then that is good for getting out this blog of mine! Read more…

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