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my hometown is not pho-king equipped to make pho

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Because of the 0.00014% of me that is asian, I wanted to surprise the family with some Vietnamese pho for Friday’s dinner. I figured turkey pho was appropriate to the season so why not attempt it when we had all real components. I had thought about doing this since last week when the roomies and I had made our best chicken pho to date. The only thing that I didnt think about was that my hometown would not be the most ethnically diverse place like back in the NYC area.

The whole reason for this stretch from normal eating, you know turkey sandwiches and leftovers, was just to surprise Larry since he likes pho so much. He and I went out on Black Friday looking for all the accoutrement for the dish, but we were out of luck. We found most of the spices at a local country market, but when we went looking for rice noodles, we struck out in every location. It was funny to stroll the “ethnic food” aisle and have it only be one side of the aisle and as wide as I could spread my arms. Funnier still is that all ethnic food around here revolves around ramen noodles and assorted asian pre-made sauces or taco shells and cans of refried beans.

My hometown has its charm, but doesnt like to extend itself too far outside its comfort zone in many areas. One of those would be food. I think pho would be classified as “big city food” and might not make it around here where steak and potatoes and chain restaurants rule the culinary landscape. Dont get me wrong, I love me some steak and pototes, but I could skip out on an Olive Garbage or crApplebee’s for the rest of my life. Give me hometown, one-off cooking. Give me hole-in-the-wall, you-gotta-know-somebody-to-get-you-in type restaurants. And give me some damn rice noodles so I can make the first batch of pho Hagerstown has even seen. Please…


turkey eve-eve sheng feng roadtrip extravaganza: takeoff and busride

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

So the tiny black man and I might have pushed our differences aside and become friends. After all that he even asked me to use my iPhone so that he could get on Facebook to report all this madness. He had the balls to ask after our earlier exchange so I said why not. Whats even funnier is that his entire family is sitting around me. Literally in 85% of the seats around me. All of them got on their phones and called their family and friends to report the fact that he had asked for my phone. The conversations alone were worth me giving it to him. They berated him loudly on the phone to friends and family members while he could hear but could not do anything because I have the aisle seat. By the way, if I didn’t have the aisle seat, my knees would be inside my chest or inside the poor young lady in front of me. I have to move every time someone comes back here to shit, which must be everyone on the bus because the smell emanating from that bathroom is quite pungent. It stings the nostrils.

For some reason I didn’t see the drop down menu or link for purchasing leg room on the tickets website. I don’t know how I missed it, but I did. Stupid me.

Side thought: The woman one row up must be me in the form of a larger black woman because she is snoring herself awake every couple of minutes and the entire back of the bus is laughing hysterically at her snorts. I can only imagine how it would be going right now if I had enough room to sleep and her and I were doing battle; my snorts versus hers. She is quite a formidable opponent because her snorts have even caused people ¾ of the way up the bus to laugh. I think that she has an advantage in size, but I know I have a better lung capacity so I think that evens it out. Picture her and I in recliners in the middle of the Roman Coliseum. Lazy-boy lounging and conjuring up snorts and gasping breaths that echo through the amphitheater. Caesar looks around at his people and grants me the thumbs up because once again, she had the size advantage and the tigers were extra hungry. I win on a technicality, not because of my snoring prowess but because I would’ve been a tougher chew for the tigers and not as filling. That’s how I see it all going down. Read more…

are you phở-king serious?

November 3, 2010 1 comment

Yes its real

This is of course a rhetorical question, a question about phở.

Phở is a Vietnamese noodle soup that has got to be one of the cleanest, most flavor-packed soups in the world. For those without ANY worldly culture, phở is pronounced “fa.” Of course, I kid, don’t take offense. Phở, at least truly great, authentic phở, is something rare to find in most places so I am hoping to educate here.

Today, my roommates and I experimented in this little known world of phở preparation and I have to say for our virgin effort, we knocked it out of the park!! I would like to think that I am a phở-snob. I had my first experience in Hawaii after a long night’s worth of Korean BBQ and soju. Waking to the thought of soup wasnt too appealing to me at first, but after sitting in this tiny, white-walled shack of a place and smelling what I smelled, I was game for something new. I was immediately hooked when they brought out a pale full of rich soup and all the fixings. Since that day, I have been in love. I have only had phở as good as Hawaii’s once since. It was in China Town in NYC with Jax. It was an accidental find and we don’t remember the name of the place, but we are both committed to finding it again. It was THAT good. I have had it several other times, but nothing compared to the first. I exposed Nick to it last year and as fall slowly creeps into the Northeast, phở has been a topic of conversation. Hence our experiments in home-brew.

again. I love their humor

To remedy the fact that Nick and I needed a phở-ix, Michelle looked up a recipe online and we gave it a shot. When I came home and opened the door, I was flung back to that little shack in Hawaii and so pleased to be in my apartment. First bite said it all, we almost nailed the broth on the first try!. I said to myself, “is this phở real, are you phở-king serious?” Nick replied, “phở sho!” Noodles were a little undercooked and the chicken was a little overcooked, but wow what a virgin performance. Everyone should be so lucky that they could perform this well their first time…their first time in anything people! We know our mistakes and how to fix them so next week we are try again. Read more…

hoodledoop is the “official soup of fall”

October 30, 2010 3 comments

look how happy they are on the package!

So there is an “official” everything for everything. Coca Cola is official drink of American Idol, Bud Light is the official Beer of tailgating, Matt is the official the man for a good time, Four Loko is the official cause of your pumped stomach. I figured since I have been consuming mass quantities of an amazing soup I was just introduced to, it had to be dubbed the “Official Soup of Fall.”

A couple months back I was given my first taste of Hoo Roo Rook, an MSG-free soup delight of the Ramen category, that is named for the sound made when slurping its noodles. I didnt know how to adequately pronounce the name in my late night haze so I dubbed it “Hoodledoop”. Just like an America. Take something we dont understand or know how to pronounce and rename it for American consumption (which I am not against). I think Hoodledoop has a better ring to it that the original name anyway. JLee hooked me up with my first bowl late one night and since then I have been hooked. So far are its hooks in me that I purchased 5 bags which contain 10 separate servings to equal 25-50 good meals of this souper concoction. I stock piled bc this soup can only be found in Korean markets or the like. With such a limited choice of Korean markets in my area within skating distance and no teleporting capabilities, I did what any white boy with an affinity for asian cuisine would do, buy an absurd amount and speak in a made up Koreanesque language as I prepare and eat. Read more…