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January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Newark Intl sunrise

Goodbye Newark, Hello Miami. It’s nice to see you for the first time. I hear it’s 68 degrees outside. Thanks for keeping the temp right where I like it. I guess I need to buy a pair of Tommy Bahama shorts while I’m here or maybe some white linen pants like big Will Smith. Oh, it’s nice to see you sun. You left the northeast a while ago. I’ve missed you from my jersey shore days, can you say the same? I’m ready to get reacquainted with FLA.

Rise and shine at 444a this morn with a jolt because I was having a dream that I missed my flight. The morning came way too quickly, but I can’t really complain as I am now sitting in Key Largo. I’ll trade a few hours of sleep for a flight to Florida any day. Read more…


joseph abboud shoot day 1

July 12, 2010 6 comments

early morning showtime

0333 came in the blink of an eye today. I think the last time I saw last night was 1154pm, cant be sure but somehow that sticks out in my mind. I couldnt sleep for the anxious, nervous tension of what today was going to hold. Today, I had to do my first real deal photo shoot for someone other than Bustin Boards, Okoto Apparel, and Ogden Clothing(notice those vascular arms on the first tile? yup that’s me too ha!). Those types of gigs arent anything because we call all the shots and dictate the pace. This however was out of my control entirely and gave me some real deal butterflies. Not knowing what to expect was the worst part, well almost the worst part. Watching the train leave this

meat packing sunrise

morning was the worst part. That means I was automatically 30 minutes in the red for the timeline I had envisioned for this AM.

I woke up abruptly with the iphone alarm cleverly titled, “go take pretty pictures.” Shower to wake up, get dressed, grab the board and ride like the wind. The weather was absolutely amazing and there wasnt a person in sight. I like these times for cruising. HIt the Path and hear the final call for the 33rd train. Cant jump the turnstyle because of the bacon and I get to watch the train roll on without NYC’s newest model. Well, I cant do anything about it now so I sit down in the sweltering underground, throw on the newest Eminem


joint and bob my head. 30 minutes later the train shows up and I am feeling under the gun now. Time’s 0428 when Hoboken disappears and I have 32 minutes to get to Greenwich and Gansevoort in the Meat Packing District (hehe, I will never NOT giggle at that title. Im forever and a day going to be that kid that laughs at fart jokes and loves a good “that’s what she said.”). Off the train at quarter til and hoof it up the steps. Check the phone for directions and see that the streets are wide open, time to cruise the four lanes of 14th and get some sidewalk surfing in to start the day. Em in my ear and I am seriously flowing. Feeling the rhythm and rhyme, hitting those beats all while carving out my own piece of the concrete wave. 3 minutes later I arrive at my destination and I am still 10 minutes early. Hallelujah dear Jesus, thank you for allowing me to not miss my show time….wait, where’s the RV, where’s everyone else, what the hell? Fear fills my body and I frantically try to load up my emails to see if I missed the memo. Several stressfilled seconds later and I am relieved to find that I am in the right and can revel in the fact that I am one of the first to show, that includes the camera crew. Read more…

memorial day

Better late than never. Not only is this the official beginning of summer, but most importantly its the day to remember those that have come before us and protected our right to the American way of life. A life of freedom in all ways and this is made possible through the sacrifices of the men that stormed the beaches of Normandy, the Marines that took on the Pacific Islands, the military men and women that fought in all the wars that helped to shape our nation/ way of life.

My friend and owner of Okoto apparel, Amy, recently started a blog and I was lucky enough to grab a mention in her initial post. Check out her post on memorial day and see what the lineage of a true military family looks like. Pretty amyzing stuff.

exit through the gift shop

April 27, 2010 1 comment

Last night a gang of us met in the city to watch a recently released street art film called “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” It’s the story of a man who films every aspect of his life for fear of missing a key moment. While on filming on vacation, he learns that his cousin is “Space Invader“, a street artist notorious for creating space invaders from rubics cube pieces. From there the movie turns into a ten-year documentation of the emerging street scene throughout the world. He meets and films all the big names in the scene with one exception, the mysterious Bansky. This cat is cool as a cucumber and intelligent to boot. A thinker who’s medium wasn’t in the lecture hall but rather outside on the walls of the lecture hall. His thoughts on society and politics are actually very profound and he plays into the subversive theme of graf all while doing it beautifully and with a provocative touch. Read more…

lazy monday

My boy Chris started a clothing company called Ogden a couple years back and is really making a push this year to get big. This weekend there is a concert festival at the Meadowlands in NJ where he will have a booth to sell some shirts. Pretty dope stuff and many of you have seen me rocking it before.

Either way, today we sat around and cut out neck tags, then heat pressed in Ogden custom tags. Probably doesnt sound like much work but it is tedious to say the least. AND we only got about a third of the shirts finished today. We have the system down and the responsibilities set, so I believe that tomorrow will go much more smoothly than today. We should be able to bang out the rest of the shirts no problem. It was good to have a chill day of working and brainstorming new ideas with Chris because the guy is truly a talent. Im glad that I got to help out and be a part of the making of these sick shirts and cant wait for this weekend’s concert. The Ogden booth is going to look great, generate a shit ton of buzz and then the summer will officially be en route.

Maybe this isnt exciting to everyone that reads this, but this is true entrepreneurship at its best so that’s why I love it.

Tomorrow is going to be jam-packed and I am looking forward to another day to keep my mind occupied. Bustin Boards at 1030 then back through the city to Ogden HQ for some more prep work for this weekend. Tomorrow evening the crew from Okoto are coming up and we are checking out a documentary on Banksy. I am really stoked about this one. Ill find the trailer and post it tomorrow. For now Im spent. Praying for 8 hours…