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I retract my statement about Four Loko…

August 31, 2010 3 comments

This weekend, the second to last in the summer, was a blur to say the least. Four Lokos are out for the rest of the summer and most likely forever for this guy. Too crazy, too much, just excess in a can. A can of Four Loko is like going out with your usual group of friends for a good night and then someone throwing in a schizophrenic wildcard homeboy from your friend’s college days. The night starts out normal enough. Everyone is having a good time, but at some point, things turn weird. The night gets blurry and then fades to black. Wake up with a jolt/headache to “schizo-college-homie” blowing lines off a strippers ass in your apartment (where’d she come from?), your pants are missing and your bank account is overdrawn. That’s how I feel when ingesting a Four Loko and I dont like it. Not to mention that fact that no one knows what’s in those joints. The fact that Mass, CT, and New York are trying to ban this drink is a testament to its invasive and inebriating affects. At $2.59 a tallboy, this is the most bang for your bucks and is an easy way to ruin a perfectly good night.

Saturday I put down a lemonade Loko and the rest was history. To the Osprey, a Squan staple for decades, to pull down a little too many shots, dance a little too crazily, and act a little too inappropriately. So the decent person in me decided it was time to remove myself from the situation as it was best to get home and not rage any further. A waste of a night for me, fun for about a solid hour, but all in all too much of a good thing. Im not sure what cocaine feels like, but I assume that I could NEVER handle it because I cant handle these.

Take part in these at your own risk. If you’re looking for a normal night, stay away. If that full moon has already got you amped and you need a something “legal” to take you to the next level, grab a can of these Four Loko joints or two, and get lifted. But dont say I didnt warn you about that “schizo-college-homie” in your place the next day. He’s hard to get rid of, drink lots of water.


squan to NYC for ESPN with IAVA (I like acronyms)

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Monday was a good lazy day as the weather was shat with overcast skies, wind, and big overhead waves. Since there was no chance to get into the water, I watched a Fantasy Factory marathon, went food shopping, did some studying, took a nap, and just had a chill day in general. I ventured up to Red Bank to have dinner with a friend, chat a little, compare hip-hop “it” songs of the moment, let her roommates cat out by accident, and then drive right back to Manasquan after.

I had just picked up the horror movie remake, the Crazies, from the local Red Box and was good to call it a night when my phone rang from a number I didn’t recognize. I answered and found that it was Cara Hammer, member of NYC’s local IAVA office. I had forgotten to fax my W9 for the Abboud shoot so I thought she was calling me as a reminder, but I was greeted with an invite instead. She asked if I was free to got to CT tomorrow, which is now today (Tuesday) as I have slept and am now on a train to Penn Station. She said they had a last-minute invite to the Bristol, CT compound that houses ESPN and we would be meeting Dana White, the President/brainchild behind all that the UFC is today. He’s actually an incredible story in himself as he took what was a washed up brawling league with no rules into the estimated $2 billion monstrosity that the UFC is today. Rags to riches stories just amaze me.

Time stamps will help in describing my day. All of this is written as it happened. Read more…

beach naps

August 11, 2010 Leave a comment

I made a discovery today that really has me excited…beach naps. They are amazing.

I dont sleep pretty, this is referenced in Nork to Phx (27July2010). So needless to say, I do not sleep in public too often, but today I popped on some tunes and decided to rest the ol eyes for a second. By the time I realized I had napped, I had blasted through all of Eminem’s the Slim Shady LP. I know, not your typical relaxing music to sleep to, but his screaming rants and hard, Dre derived beats seemed appropriate at the time. I woke up when the music stopped, looked around and the beach was nearly empty except for my friend and I.

I cant sleep at night without some sort of noise so the ocean and those tunes really put me out. I even have an app on my iPhone so I can turn up the sounds of waves at night. Its called WhiteNoise. I couldnt sleep without this app or a fan blowing.

The nap did me well and introduced me to the sweet life of a real beach bum. I dont mean surfers, I mean those bums I see collecting cans on Mission Beach in San Diego. I think today, I officially earned my status, without being smelly and gross. Thank you Post 9/11 GI Bill. This is a dream come true.

beach naps
sandy naps or snaps

bro day

Thursday nights at the shore are out of control if one attends the phenomenon called “Shot Wheel.” Last week, I partook in the madness and was awoken the next morning with a snort and a startle. Miraculously I had made the 100 yard walk home safely, I was in my own bed, and I had all my clothes on. CHeck, check, and check plus.

A sizeable headache, but nothing that a vitamin water and a little salt water cant cure. The greatest hangover cure in the known world is the ocean. The salty swell of waves, the sound of the curlers crashing, and some floating in the sweet sunshine is enough to bring even the lowliest of zombies back to life. I tried to catch some Beater waves (A Beater is a mix between a boogie board and surf board allowing you to surf in the boogie board area, ingenious) unsucessfully. Its hard to stand up on a foam board that is only 4 feet long, but Im getting closer with every day. Drop the Beater off and on to what I excel at, body surfing. A couple hard strokes, get your mind out of the gutter, a perfect plane to surf on, and I am off through the tiny barrels. Its one of my favorite things about the ocean here. You always can grab a little shore break wave and ride it in.

Next came team waves where Bub, Chris and I caught the curl along with up to ten other wave riders. It was funny to see and participate in a row of late 20s men paddling into waves that crush you on the sand. Bodies washing up all over the place, a little bit of sand burn, and a shit ton of laughing. Chris was even lucky enough to receive the comment, “you young men are crazy!” from an older women in a floral swimsuit reminiscent of 60s wallpaper. I think she might have had one of those green see-through poker visor too. You know, the one that has the spiral elastic coil in the back and shades the wearer’s face in a hulk-like green glow. Yeah you know what I mean. Read more…

my first official surf day of the year

July 15, 2010 1 comment

'squan parking lot

After a heavy night of fun showing Brian how crazy Jersey shore can be, I woke up to a rainy overcast day BUT we finally had waves. Chris rolled out earlier than I did to get in as many as possible but I had to stay behind to finish up some homework. Being responsible sucks sometimes but I have to keep up this GPA.

Finished rocking out some management and grabbed the al merrick longboard from atop the fridge. Cruised up to the beach and I was feeling like this day was going to shape up to be a good one. I did some pretty heavy stretching, watched a couple sets roll in, timed my entry and paddled this bad boy out. Everyone else was in wet suits, but Chris, Brent and I were just braving the elements without protection.

We conducted the first official “board” meeting of the day and each paddled into the coming wave. As luck would have it, both Chris and I caught it. I greeted him with a “hi Chris”, he let loose a “Heyo!” and we laughed all the way down the wave. My feeling was right. This was going to be

its grainy, but that is for sure me. look at the broad shoulders, ha I kid

a good day, but I didnt know this was shaping up to be something I would remember for a lifetime. One for one on waves. Nice.

Sitting on the board Just past the break and talking with your boys has got to be one of the best things in the world. Its relaxing to just hang in the water, cut up with some jokes, drop in when the time is right and repeat. To make it even better, it started to rain. I mean we are already wet so it really didnt matter but it turned the scene into something truly memorable. Rain sprinkling down in large drops causing the ocean to bubble and ripple all while watching the local shredders drop into some of the most consistant waves of the summer thus far.

It was something I will def remember for a long time. Overcast days can be amazing as long as you’re sitting on your board and paddling in when the time’s right. This day reminded me what it was like to actually surf. Something I hadnt experienced since Oahu 2006 with my DLI crew. To paddle into a wave, the feel the of the ocean pull you into its swell, to push up on the board, center your feet and turn into this amazing force of nature is utterly captivating. I am by no means a good surfer, but I paddled into 9 waves and stood up on 6, that’s 66.7% or two thirds of my time spent standing up on waves. Im proud of me on this day. Today was definitely a highlight of the summer and I’m hoping there are many more days like this before winter creeps in.

I called it quits only after my shoulders were burning and when I could not feel my purple, shaking hands anymore. I was once again, proud. I dragged the board back to 227 2nd ave, rinsed it off and then proceeded with my own rinsing. Another true highlight of the day. One of the msot simple of pleasures and I revel in this every day that I am here in ‘Squan, the outdoor shower. Its still overcast, its still raining large, cold drops on my head, but this is all intermixed with the heat of a steamy shower outdoors. No fogged up mirrors. Steamy, muggy, rainforest like shower. No, this is the cool breeze blowing through the wooden planks of the shower installment. A view of the cloudy skies as it drips air cooled drops on my face. Some soap and a sigh of relaxation. This is a tiny slice of heaven on earth. No matter where I decide to finally lay the foundation of my life, I feel that one necessity, one simple pleasure that I must have, is an outdoor shower.

The only phrase that keeps coming to mind is “today was a good day.” I think Ice Cube might be the rapper for the summer if only for the fact that he penned the gangsta anthem, “today was a good day”. I’m bringing that back as the official summer jam of 2010 for me. Official. Thanks Mr. Cube for your lyrical prowace and for scribing a song that still holds true two decades later.

Sent from the streets…

so I took a little break…

now you see what I mean, rough life (thanks cpw)

just for me. For awhile there I was almost pressuring myself into writing, but now Ive taken a little hiatus and I feel like Im back in the spirit of what I started this for, me.

The last couple of weeks have been some of the greatest of my life. I cant say they have been overly spectacular or that I have accomplished SO much in this time period, but moreover, they have been exactly how I wanted them, spontaneous and slow. Im lucky enough to have gotten in a with a great group of guys on a beach house down at the Jersey Shore. NJers say “down the shore”, but I cant help but think that there should be an “at” in there somewhere and that these people may not all be there. Grammar came easy for me as both a child and now as a future award winning writer, so this phrase bothers me every time Deaf Smell Perogies and the rest of the crew say it. I may have stumbled once or twice and said it my self, but silently I died a little death inside.

Digression is always a problem of mine. The shore house is in Manasquan NJ or ‘squan for short, and is only one block from the “pay to get some sun and water in your life” beaches of Jerz. I hang there all week hitting the beach, frolicking in the waves, rolling with the squan lifeguards, and generally just live the life that I have always wanted. No stress, no commitments (not that I am afraid of them ladies, its just that Im doing me) and no timeline of any sort. I take Tues and Weds to finish up homework and on Thurs I choochoo home to Hoboken for my Business Law class. 4 hours of class down and Im thinking about how and when to get back to heaven.

Its been all that I could ask for and Im so glad that I have at least another month and a half of this. Im even thinking about grabbing up a place for the winter just so I can keep the ocean and sand in my life all year round. It sounds like a great idea to me and a couple of us are already coming up with a plan to make it happen. I couldnt be happier to be honest and that’s why I am back in the lab posting up heartfelt and hopefully entertaining words for the masses. So I took a little break, but now its time to recap my time away. I hope I can remember