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still on tucson time

June 4, 2010 3 comments

I was lucky enough to rack out around midnight last night, but tonight is going to be different I think. Its 0130, I watched the Lakers win (damn), I finished up the series finale of 24 (good, but its no LOST), and now I am wide awake laying in my new bedroom. Im supposed to catch a bus to Boston (its actually split time between the Cape and Boston) tomorrow, but I kinda feel like sleeping all day in my bed. If I did that my mom would kill me because I am supposed to be in MA by 530 so she can pick me up on her way in. I guess I wont disappoint, but I am feeling down right out of place at this moment. I know I am coming off the high of being back in Tucson and having such a great crew around, but it might be more than that.

Im almost 30, Im back in school, but have no true path to where I want to be in life. Is this my midlife crisis happening 20 years too early? Could be. If so, where’s my shiny red sports car and my sexy arm candy? Sometimes I feel like Im doing the right thing, but then there are other times where I feel like I am just kidding myself. I dont want to work all my life, but right now I am on pace to do just that since I have nothing to show. In a couple months I will have a piece of paper that says Im a college grad and then a year and some change from there I should have another paper that says I Mastered Management, but then what? I know that’s down the road, but I have so many accomplished friends, so many people with strict paths to success and here I am in a rented room the size of a closet with nothing but a bed to my name. A crappy-ass bed at that. One that I am offering up on craigslist soon because it is unlucky, if you catch ma drift. “That” is definitely not a top priority for me, but figuring out a life plan I guess is. Read more…



I am watching the LOST finale right now and I cannot explain to you the rollercoaster Im on unless you are a fan too. I havent been a LOST fan for the past 6 years like many of you. I only found this phenomenon this year through Bub (I owe you big time. Thanks Bub). From watching the first episode, I knew I would be hooked and now here I am watching the end of an era. Since I am lucky enough to not have a job besides being a full time college student, I had the luxury of watching all 5 seasons, 94 hours, in less than 3 weeks leading up to the final season. Yes, I might have sat on the couch for a little too long each day watching this mythical adventure unwind, but now that I am seeing what I am seeing, I am truly thankful to have experienced it first hand.

Note: The target commercials are amazing byt the way. The smoke monster coming out onto the beach then it being a commercial for smoke detectors. The keyboard from the hatch isnt working and its a commercial for $23.00 keyboards at Target. The boar running through the forest and then BBQ sauce coming up. Priceless.

Are other people blogging their feelings as the show is going on too? I cant imagine that I am the only LOST nerd expressing his feelings through blog right now. But if I am, then that is good for getting out this blog of mine! Read more…

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Back home and forgot to go to Rob’s for the Lost viewing party. Oops. Ill catch it online tomorrow hopefully.

Just got finished talking to Cody, my best friend from the USAF who is currently in pilot training. He is currently single, loves playing on dirtbikes, always has a one-liner ready fro any occassion, and most importantly, he “likes to party.” If there are any ladies reading this that might be interested, please feel free to check him on Facebook here.

I digress. Cody happened to read my blog today and decided that he too was in a bad place physically. Our solution, get fit together! (Totally sounds like an 80s workout infomercial) He was also interested in returning to our glory days and has decided to rededicate time to physical fitness. I can honestly say, that I am thankful to have helped my Tiny Dancer (lots of inside jokes here) get motivated. We are now on a weekly calling basis to check up on each other’s fat butts so that by October we can be in the best shape of our lives. Our reward for all this hard work? Not really sure yet, but Costa Rica came up and I think that is a splendid idea. Read more…

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