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my thursday nights

May 20, 2010 2 comments

for the next 3 months will be consumed not in happy hours with my friends drinking the night away and making poor life choices. No, they will be spent listening to the ramblings of finance and other business teachers. Im sitting in Finance class right now at the Jersey City campus where my teacher, Dr. T., is giving his introduction in broken english. This definitely wont be a fun course for the content, but this guy seems like a character. Im not sure how you would spice up finance anyhow. First couple sentences out of his mouth I didnt really understand except for the word “shit.” That was followed by a broken F-bomb and now I know the pace set for this course.

I cant help but want to be in a Hoboken bar, preferably TXAZ, drinking $2 beer-waters and doing shots of my favorite whisky all while waiting for Liam to show up to take the night to a whole new level. Its a nice dream, but I wont have a free Thursday night until late August. Whoa is me.

Note: He just asked a passing administrator if he could “get this sonuvabitch outta his classroom.” Talking about this kid that has been in his courses several times before. Dude’s going to be crazy.

Note2: I think that he might be hard of hearing bc he yells everything that comes from his mouth. Its comical too bc he accentuates strange syllables.

Note3: I learned on break that Dr. T used to conduct business in Colombia. Business with attractive women, that type of business. He might be the coolest cat in this school. He also wears a Rolex.

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the handsome lumberjack

Last night we decided to try something a little different and venture out of our comfort zone, that comfort zone being Washington from 8th down. So to be different we went uptown to Madisons on 14th. I had never been in there prior to last night because I either didnt have a collar on at the time or the line was down the block. My first experience was a good one and I think that it could be a more common spot for sure. The scene was older and the crowd seemed at ease, not a glimpse of drama all night.

To start the night Liam, Bub and I went to happy hour at Texas Arizona for $2 drafts. We sat around, watched the Lebron crush the Celtics all by himself and had some dinner. From TXAZ we went back home to clean up and prep for the rest of the night. Showered and smelling right, I put on a red and gray button down that might be misconstrued for a flannel. Its a Volcom summer weight button down, but to my surprise I apparently looked like a lumberjack. Liam and Bub might have been thinking this, but they never let me know if they were. I actually heard this from an older woman at Madisons who had to be mid forties. She bumped into me, said she was sorry as she turned around and immediately giggled. In the midst of her giggling, she found the breath to say, “Im sorry for bumping into you Mr. Lumberjack.” I was taken back from this statement and knew that I starred at her in awe. I dont get offended easily and this wasnt one of those cases either, but I just didnt have a response. Read more…

simpler times

April 21, 2010 1 comment

The last couple posts really got me thinking about the changes we go through in life and how different things are today than yesterday. Not actually yesterday, but you know what I mean. The yesterday that was your college years or for me the military. The yesterday that was high school, middle school and the playground in elementary. The yesterday that was the old block, the hood you grew up in. Where is all that now? Where did it all run off to?

I know we are on this earth to live, work, die and pay taxes, but along the way, where did these times go? Have you ever really sat down and thought about how mundane and monotonous our lives have become. Where is the spontaneity, that fire that makes us leap before we look. We are so calculated and plan oriented now that we have lost a little bit of ourselves and we lose more with each day that we dont reign it back in. Work to make money to live happily ever after when you are 65. Its not going to happen like that for me and I know that. I want to live that life now and work along the way. Truthfully, I just dont want to work ever again, but I havent invented silent velcro yet. Read more…