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March 7, 2011 3 comments

my dream captured in a screenshot

One of today’s events was the culmination of nearly four years of work, many thousands of hours of networking, and many people not fully understanding what I was trying to do. (I can’t take all the credit, I can only say I had a dream and that through connections, it is coming true) Today’s event was simple; get Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America to partner with my friends at Adaptive Action Sports. Well, it finally happened in the form of an all veteran’s snowboard camp being hosted by AAS in Copper Mountain, Colorado.

IAVA uses a reward’s site called the Rucksack to give veterans opportunities that most people could never dream of. These opportunities are given by our gracious sponsors in the hopes that they are showing support to veterans how fought for their country. If you read my ramblings, you know that I have been the recipient of many amazing good times, from doing a stint as a Joseph Abboud model, to sideline/box tickets to an NY Giants game, Yankees playoff tickets, and IAVA’s Heroes Gala. Others have won trips to Vegas and even to the Super Bowl. But today, we offered up three all expense paid trips to AAS’s Learn to Ride pipeline event in CO. This event is made possible by Disabled Sports USA, United States of America Snowboarding Association, and Challenged Athletes Foundation with AAS hosting. This pipeline camp is designed as a feeder for AAS’s ultimate goal of having America sweep the podiums in snowboarding at the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia (I have my fingers crossed that I am making this trip as well!). Read more…


IAVA, NY Giants, JOE Joseph Abboud, JCPenney, and little ol’ me

December 8, 2010 5 comments

drip, drip, hole in the ceiling

I was so excited about today that I couldn’t sleep last night. Not so much like a kid waiting on Christmas, but like a near 30-year-old man excited to do something that I haven’t done before. This morning as I woke, I felt good, I felt like it was going to be a GOOD day. Then I heard dripping in my utility closet and the morning went to shit. Part of the ceiling fell and water is coming out of the light, the fire detector, AND the sprinkler system. Good morning to you too world.

After dealing with my unbearably South African/British landlord this morning who insisted I must be an idiot, I called the fire department to come out and inspect. Thanks Hoboken FD for coming out, but I didn’t get any help there. Upstairs tenant wasn’t any help either, awesome. With no plumber and the landlord on his way, I bolted to get to the city (maybe not the most responsible thing to do?) in time for our event at JCPenney.

The JCP in the Manhattan Mall on 33rd and 6th is massive and was a cool venue to hold this event. Right as soon as you walked into the mall, there was the event; set against the towering inside of this surprisingly ornate building. Today was yet another part of the “Welcome Home Joe” program. This fall 2010, JOE Joseph Abboud®, JCPenney and IAVA celebrated veterans with the national campaign “Welcome Home Joe,” which provided Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with $1 million in certificates to purchase professional attires as they transitioned to the civilian workforce. I have been lucky enough to be a part of this and have been smiling from ear to ear since. Today’s event was aptly named “Combat to Career” which supplied 100 female and 100 male with care packs that included items to ease the transition from military to civilian life. Read more…

WELCOME HOME JOE (its in all caps for emphasis because its a good cause!)

September 30, 2010 5 comments

So a long time ago, when I used to keep up with this blog, I wrote about a photo shoot that I particpated in with, Joseph Abboud, and JC Penney. Well if you read about it and wanted so longingly to see those pics, well here THEY ARE!!!! Im totally joking about the previous statement, but really, the campaign is about to launch with the JC Penney mailer that goes out to a hand full of millions of people and also the JC Penney website has a section devoted to it. Im honestly amazed at how well we all were portrayed and the pics and videos are incredible. Im sure Ill get some fun poked at me for doing this, but this is an experience unlike I have ever had and I am thankful to, JC Penney, and Joseph Abboud for letting me be a part of this. I am truly and humbly thankful. Read more…

joseph abboud shoot day 1

July 12, 2010 6 comments

early morning showtime

0333 came in the blink of an eye today. I think the last time I saw last night was 1154pm, cant be sure but somehow that sticks out in my mind. I couldnt sleep for the anxious, nervous tension of what today was going to hold. Today, I had to do my first real deal photo shoot for someone other than Bustin Boards, Okoto Apparel, and Ogden Clothing(notice those vascular arms on the first tile? yup that’s me too ha!). Those types of gigs arent anything because we call all the shots and dictate the pace. This however was out of my control entirely and gave me some real deal butterflies. Not knowing what to expect was the worst part, well almost the worst part. Watching the train leave this

meat packing sunrise

morning was the worst part. That means I was automatically 30 minutes in the red for the timeline I had envisioned for this AM.

I woke up abruptly with the iphone alarm cleverly titled, “go take pretty pictures.” Shower to wake up, get dressed, grab the board and ride like the wind. The weather was absolutely amazing and there wasnt a person in sight. I like these times for cruising. HIt the Path and hear the final call for the 33rd train. Cant jump the turnstyle because of the bacon and I get to watch the train roll on without NYC’s newest model. Well, I cant do anything about it now so I sit down in the sweltering underground, throw on the newest Eminem


joint and bob my head. 30 minutes later the train shows up and I am feeling under the gun now. Time’s 0428 when Hoboken disappears and I have 32 minutes to get to Greenwich and Gansevoort in the Meat Packing District (hehe, I will never NOT giggle at that title. Im forever and a day going to be that kid that laughs at fart jokes and loves a good “that’s what she said.”). Off the train at quarter til and hoof it up the steps. Check the phone for directions and see that the streets are wide open, time to cruise the four lanes of 14th and get some sidewalk surfing in to start the day. Em in my ear and I am seriously flowing. Feeling the rhythm and rhyme, hitting those beats all while carving out my own piece of the concrete wave. 3 minutes later I arrive at my destination and I am still 10 minutes early. Hallelujah dear Jesus, thank you for allowing me to not miss my show time….wait, where’s the RV, where’s everyone else, what the hell? Fear fills my body and I frantically try to load up my emails to see if I missed the memo. Several stressfilled seconds later and I am relieved to find that I am in the right and can revel in the fact that I am one of the first to show, that includes the camera crew. Read more…

in 6 hrs 20 minutes

July 11, 2010 7 comments

C130 into Afghanistan with the crew

I have to be in the meat packing (hehe) district in NYC for a photo shoot. I am nervous as hell and I cant even really think of sleeping right now. I racked out in the back of the car for about an hour today, got back and watched a movie, and now I am wide awake. SHITE! Im hoping this nervous energy subsides and I can get some beauty rest because God knows I need that since I DO NOT photograph well.

20 days ago I received an email from an organization I belong to called the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America or IAVA for short. The email was calling for all vets in the NYC area to come out for a casting call for a suit designer named Joseph Abboud. You can read the rest of the details on a previous blog entitled Today Was a Good Day.

I have no idea what to expect right now, but know that I cannot be late to this and that I am working for almost 12 hours a day for the next 2 days. Haha I said “working”. I bet its not as easy as I think its going to be. I shouldve asked my model friends the Davenports to help me with my “Blue Steel” look. They have it down pat.

Oh, I was asked to bring some candid photos of me while I was in the military so here’s the ones I picked. I figure I can tell a little something about each and make it funny, but there are three in there that are going to either make or break me. I havent shown these to anyone and no one knows about these unless you were flying over Afghanistan with me. I feel like showing you the “stache” pics is already a mistake, but here’s to being spontaneous. Cheers. pics