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exit through the gift shop

April 27, 2010 1 comment

Last night a gang of us met in the city to watch a recently released street art film called “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” It’s the story of a man who films every aspect of his life for fear of missing a key moment. While on filming on vacation, he learns that his cousin is “Space Invader“, a street artist notorious for creating space invaders from rubics cube pieces. From there the movie turns into a ten-year documentation of the emerging street scene throughout the world. He meets and films all the big names in the scene with one exception, the mysterious Bansky. This cat is cool as a cucumber and intelligent to boot. A thinker who’s medium wasn’t in the lecture hall but rather outside on the walls of the lecture hall. His thoughts on society and politics are actually very profound and he plays into the subversive theme of graf all while doing it beautifully and with a provocative touch. Read more…


simpler times

April 21, 2010 1 comment

The last couple posts really got me thinking about the changes we go through in life and how different things are today than yesterday. Not actually yesterday, but you know what I mean. The yesterday that was your college years or for me the military. The yesterday that was high school, middle school and the playground in elementary. The yesterday that was the old block, the hood you grew up in. Where is all that now? Where did it all run off to?

I know we are on this earth to live, work, die and pay taxes, but along the way, where did these times go? Have you ever really sat down and thought about how mundane and monotonous our lives have become. Where is the spontaneity, that fire that makes us leap before we look. We are so calculated and plan oriented now that we have lost a little bit of ourselves and we lose more with each day that we dont reign it back in. Work to make money to live happily ever after when you are 65. Its not going to happen like that for me and I know that. I want to live that life now and work along the way. Truthfully, I just dont want to work ever again, but I havent invented silent velcro yet. Read more…


Another night of tossing makes me feel like I am back in Afghanistan. That was where I got some of the worst and best sleep of my life strangely enough, though the “best” was fueled by VItamin A, Ambien. I really dont want to go that route again, but Im not sure quite what to do. Im thinking about trying to schedule a sleep study to determine what’s going on with my tossing and turning, but I might wait until I get heavier into my body cleansing period. Maybe more working out and eating better will translate into a more efficient sleep. The key word there is efficient. I dont care if I sleep for five hours or ten, I just want them to be productive so I can function better throughout the day. Read more…