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I wish I could live at x games

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

I don’t really care which one, either Summer or Winter will suffice. This being my first Winter X, I am emphatuated, but Summer has my heart because the weather is more my speed and I love me some Pacific Ocean time. I could give up the LA portion of it for Aspen anytime because I feel LA tries too hard for the most part. I know that offends the LA crowd, but I cannot help but feel the city is just trying to be NYC with a palm tree/gangsta twist.

Dont get me wrong, I always have a blast, but its only because the X Games is there. Oh and my friends Sean and Red Brother. Those guys make it a good time no matter what city we are in. LA though is lost on me. Back to X Games. If I could live there, I may eventually have to have heart valves replaced from the adrenaline that courses through my vascular. Since living at the X Games is impossible, I just need to run the adrenaline circuit and follow around Red Bulls X Fighters, the ASP tour, and Rally America. Maybe that is the way to go.

These types of opportunities are too far a part and I need to get more of my adrenaline fill more often. Hopefully this can happen as I continue on the path to working with Adaptive Action Sports. They have provided so many opportunities to action junkies that are permanently disabled and to me. I cant wait to see where all this goes. AAS is going to be a game changer for our injured/wounded veterans and I am ecstatic that I get to be included in the building of it.

Ill miss you X Games. See you in late July, early August. Soon after landing in LAX, I will be on my way to one of my favorite places in the entire world. A place at the end of LAX’s main flight path where I can watch the planes come. A place that rhymes with Sin N Doubt. Check out my other love affair here, Ode to In-N-Out.


Last night in LA

Im finally getting around to this now, but I figured I needed to finish out the trip to LA.

I woke up in Brandon’s room (AAS wakeboarder athlete) and had to check out by 11am. From there I was in limbo for the next 6 hours. I spent those 6 hours without a car and stuck in the hotel lobby Starbucks doing homework and facilitating skateboards for Marc Jacobs. I almost went crazy under the tunes of Starbucks. Their “ecclecitc” mix of jazz, pop, jazz-pop, and everything in between pushed me closer to the edge than I have been in a long time. The fact that suicide crossed my mind as my ears bled is a testament to the horrendous sounds selection available in your local Starbucks. (mom, I didnt mean that last statement, it was for emphasis) The only reason for my being in Starbucks that long was to access the internet. I may never go into a StarF*ck again, besides to use their internet.

My friend Knockers, picked me up from my StarF*ck$ hell and flew me heaven on earth, In N Out at LAX (check out my poem derived from a previous trip to In N Out LAX). This place is literally one of my favorite spots on the planet. You may be thinking that I have horrible taste in favorite planet spots, but before you judge hear me out. One of the most memorable things about my military experience was the fact that I could watch planes take off and land all day. I loved this so much as a kid building model airplanes (“building model airplanes he says. Meanwhile there’s change missing off the dresser and your daughter’s knocked up, I’ve seen it a million times…Tommy Boy reference.) and hanging them from my ceiling. My favorite was the SR-71 Blackbird. I think that any kid airplane fanatic during my generation loved this plane. Read more…

tucson to “did” list

Alright so I was souper (I just think it should be spelled like that. Its more lively and fun. Its boring spelled as “super”) ambitious with my “to do” list going into my week of fun in TuSun. Below is my original list with indicators on what I accomplished, some notes on the particular item, and other general insights.

I present to you my to did list for tucson:

Have multiple Capt and Cokes with Mr Bennett (been a long time coming)
– this went down within mere minutes of us making it to Brandon’s house. The result: four hours in and around the vicinity of the pool starting at high noon.

Rockin my shades

Hold my first conversation with Chaz
– It took a little while for him to warm up, but when he did, we were talking all day long. My favorite phrase for the week happened when I was sitting by the pool on the phone and abruptly get squirted by the little ginger monster’s squirt gun. As I was about to yell “NO”, he screams, “NOODLES….and CHEETHE (slight lisp)…AND MUSTARD!!” what!?! I could never yell after a random smattering of words like that. I think he takes after me.

Give hugs to the whole family, then force them to drink beers
– If you read any of the previous blogs you will know this was pretty much what we did all day. Read more…

ode to IN N OUT

March 16, 2010 7 comments

A couple weeks ago In-N-Out burger came up in conversation so I figured I would share my thoughts on this delectable burger joint.

In-N-Out is a burger like no other in the world. Many Americans have not experienced In-N-Out bc it is a family owned operation that runs only in a couple states like NV, CA, and AZ. The most famous and heavily trafficked In-N-Out is at LAX and for good reason. I think that this destination is my favorite for two reason; 1) being a prior aircrew member, I love to watch and hear the airplanes coming in for a landing, and 2) this location lets me know that I am back in LA for the Summer X Games! (history & a poem)

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