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the real “disconnect”

November 24, 2010 1 comment

With no interwebs, this loss of connectivity on the bus allows me to really sit back and just write unobstructed. I didn’t realize it until this very moment but I am turned off to the world. My phone is off and in my pocket. No phone calls, no Facebook, no Angry Birds, and no texts. This bus also doesnt have interwebs. No email, no Chat, no IM, no anything. Its kind of nice to just be los tin my thoughts. That and listening to my little friend flirt with his boyfriend overtop of a Snoop Dogg beat in my headphones.

I have been reading more and more about connectivity and how our newer generations are so intertwined with one another that they cannot disconnect. I mean this is evidenced by my little friend sitting next to me. Even after looking me in the face and rolling his eyes, he still had the balls to ask for my phone. He HAD to get on a phone or on the web somehow and let his friends know what was going on. Right this very instant he is talking on his phone. The girls in the row next to me are so upset that their phones are about to die, yet they have been on FB and talking on the phone the entire 2 hours we have been on this metal egg roll.

All the articles I have read involve the decay of true social skills. Social skills are being replaced by a virtual world. I watched ‘Social Network’ again the other night, the movie about the creation of Facebook. I was astounded with the creator’s genius but also with the underlying message behind it all. Not that you shouldn’t do business with friends, though I know this first hand, it’s that Mark Zuckerberg was looking to project his social anxiety onto the rest of the world. As illustrated in the opening scene, he is so far superior intellectually than most and so socially awkward that he cannot interact with a person face to face. He recognizes this and through a chance encounter he finds the means to creating a world that would abide by his rules. A world that he would create and 500 million people would join. 1/14 of the planet is on FB. The one quote that sticks out to me in the movie is when his assistant lawyer says “What are you doing?” Mark replies, “ I’m checking on Bolivia.” She rebuts, “They don’t have roads, but they have Facebook.”

As an entrepreneur, which in the English language is a synonym for “unemployed” and is a longer word for “broke.” As an entrepreneur, I appreciate the fact that he saw an idea that wasn’t sufficient enough and created something to fill the void. That’s the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit, that’s why I loved the movie. Read more…


turkey eve-eve sheng feng roadtrip extravaganza: takeoff and busride

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

So the tiny black man and I might have pushed our differences aside and become friends. After all that he even asked me to use my iPhone so that he could get on Facebook to report all this madness. He had the balls to ask after our earlier exchange so I said why not. Whats even funnier is that his entire family is sitting around me. Literally in 85% of the seats around me. All of them got on their phones and called their family and friends to report the fact that he had asked for my phone. The conversations alone were worth me giving it to him. They berated him loudly on the phone to friends and family members while he could hear but could not do anything because I have the aisle seat. By the way, if I didn’t have the aisle seat, my knees would be inside my chest or inside the poor young lady in front of me. I have to move every time someone comes back here to shit, which must be everyone on the bus because the smell emanating from that bathroom is quite pungent. It stings the nostrils.

For some reason I didn’t see the drop down menu or link for purchasing leg room on the tickets website. I don’t know how I missed it, but I did. Stupid me.

Side thought: The woman one row up must be me in the form of a larger black woman because she is snoring herself awake every couple of minutes and the entire back of the bus is laughing hysterically at her snorts. I can only imagine how it would be going right now if I had enough room to sleep and her and I were doing battle; my snorts versus hers. She is quite a formidable opponent because her snorts have even caused people ¾ of the way up the bus to laugh. I think that she has an advantage in size, but I know I have a better lung capacity so I think that evens it out. Picture her and I in recliners in the middle of the Roman Coliseum. Lazy-boy lounging and conjuring up snorts and gasping breaths that echo through the amphitheater. Caesar looks around at his people and grants me the thumbs up because once again, she had the size advantage and the tigers were extra hungry. I win on a technicality, not because of my snoring prowess but because I would’ve been a tougher chew for the tigers and not as filling. That’s how I see it all going down. Read more…

make it a four loko night

August 17, 2010 2 comments

the real Crunk Juice, YEEYAAA!

Last week I got my first experience of Four Loko. For those that don’t know Four Loko (Click here for the Four Loko site or here for their Facebook) is a brand of caffeinated/malt liquor that some of the lifeguards down here recently discovered. I kept hearing about how crazy these things were so Campbell and I went on a road trip to a liquor emporium in Wall to find these interesting dranks. We each grabbed three of the 12% alcohol tall boys and looked forward to a loopy night.

We rolled back to the ‘Squan house and cracked those cans. The first one I had was the watermelon flavored and I had to say it wasnt too bad. The first couple sips were unlike anything I had tasted before. I can’t say it was bad, I can’t say it was good, but I modeled through it. (That is a Tyra Banks reference that my boy Tiny Dancer broke out when I was in the military) The second can didn’t go down so easy and I bowed out at about half. Campbell and I finished off that third can and went out for the night. Gotta say, it’s a blur of craziness because this drink gets you pumped like a couple of cans of Monster Energy drink would mixed in with some MALT LIQUOR!

I could feel the rush in just a couple of minutes and it kept us going into the early hours of the morning. I have never had a feeling like I did with one of these things, well actually 2.5. I’m not sure how to describe what a night on these things is like. It definitely makes for a cheap date night. $1.99 to get crunk is a STUPENDOUS deal! If you have two, which is super adventurous, you only spend $3.98, WHAT!??! Yeah it’s really like that. I’m not sure if I will ever go hard on Four Loko again like that first night, but I figured dive in head first or not at all. Theses definitely can pick up any bleak night, so have some on reserve for when your buddy is looking to sit on the couch and watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Pop one of these in his lap and tell him to sack up. Challenge him to a chugging contest and be excited for a night you wont remember. Read more…

text killed conversation

August 10, 2010 Leave a comment

staying in touch?How amazing is it to have access to almost everything and everyone with just the touch of a button, the typing of some words into a search engine, or the simple “text”? Globalization of culture, information, and technology is so fascinating to me in that we create more written information every couple of days than in the first 2000 years of human history (I’ll be looking for this fact online and will report back with a citation shortly, but I know it’s there) and we now have unprecedented access to every piece of the globe through a couple of clicks.

But have you ever considered the downside to this? I mean, have you thought about the downside of being able to be contacted through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, BBM, instant messenger, G chat, multiple email channels, text, and phone? There are 100s of outlets that make it possible for each of us to contact one another and most of the time we consider this to be a good way of “keeping in touch.” But have you really sat down to think about how “out of touch” this could be making us?

Arnold Lakhovsky's The Conversation

This question sparked up in my Business Communications class last Friday night with Dr. Usowicz leading the discussion. I have thought of this many times, but never really heard other’s opinions on the matter. This session, even on a Friday night when I wanted to be hanging at the shore with friends, will live with me forever. The discussion actually became quite heated for a while as everyone expressed their feelings on the matter and shared past experiences from their lives to bring the point home. This has stuck with me since then and I decided to personally delve a little deeper. Read more…