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a dogs life

How great is this? What it must be to have a dogs life.

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Stadium night

With my bus running late (so late in fact that the bus that left an hour after us PASSED us and beat us into DC) we ended up missing the national anthem and the first pitch. But we got to Check out some Redskins cheerleaders, nice.

The Nationals stadium is absolutely incredible. The open air design allows for some of the seats to see the Capital Building and from just about every piece of the stadium you can see the game. If you’re grabbing a beer, you can still see the game. Getting food or wandering around, you can see the game!

There were 13 of us in all but we couldn’t all sit together bc they wouldn’t let Danny purchase more than 12 tickets. It’s a rule in place for scalpers. Either way, Danny and I rocked $20 tickets right behind home plate while everyone else sat down the left field line.

The seats were great, the Os pitcher had a no no into the fifth, an we (Orioles nation) got a win! To top it off, it was fireworks Friday too.

After the game we went to a dive bar fit for BK, but more original. It’s called Thirsty’s Refueling Station and it was littered with normal folk just like us, not the suits and ties I thought it was to be. We spent the rest of the night there drinking whisky and trying to recover from the “half smoke” that I ate at the stadium. “Half smoke” is a DC favorite that is a sausage stuffed with half pork and half beef topped with chili and cheese. Simply delightful.

All in all it was a chill time with Danny, his girl Jenna and their crew. Now we are driving to HagerVegas for the Hunt Hills Invitational. Can’t wait to hit the links.

21 May

May 21, 2010 1 comment

Despite missing happy hour last night, I did manage to meet some people out for a couple roof top drinks at City Bistro. A beautiful night to see the city and have a drink to unwind.

All in all it was a tame night and this morning I was awoken by a half neked 3 yr old and her Marine daddy. Not in the flesh but through Skype. I LOVE technology. I wa still wiping sleep from my eyes and talking to them in Okinawa. Presley is without a shirt and giggling about it all while covering herself with her hands. Then she says to me, “Mapp (i spelled that right. She calls me Mapp) dont look at my boobies!” Ha! I almost peed the bed. What a great way to wake up. That should be standard a couple days a week. As I’m crawling out of bed, they were just turning in for the night. AND what is a 3 year old doing up at 10 at night?!

Quick breakfast, some final packing and off to wire some money to get new Marc Jacobs boards into production. Easier said then done. It took an hour and a half to get the transfer to go through and I almost missed out on fish sandwich Friday. Almost I said! I phoned in my order to Steve from the bank and he had a fresh special with tartar, lettuce, tomato and cheese waiting on me. Oh joyous day!

Hit Von Hollands, skate back to the Path and into NYC. The city was just yearning to be skated but I didn’t have enough time. The city just seemed alive with the buzz of people and i had a certain flow while skating. Wish i had the time. Made it to the megabus bus stop and actually was 4th in line. I even got the front seat so I can watch the world roll by.

I put down my sandie with a vengance and laid claim to the first person ever to eat a Von hollands fish sandwich on a megabus! I know it has to be true bc no one else would go through all the trouble I do for this weekly delight.

Still on the bus trip from hell now an an hour late. Thankfully the Orioles v Nationals game doesn’t start until 705p. I’m not letting this get me down at all. This ordeal is almost over. Less than ten miles now to DC, Danny Everett, and a screaming clan of 13 Os fans. Sprinkle in some beers and a corndog and I’m in heaven. Can’t wait to stretch these legs at the new Nats stadium!