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today was a good day

June 23, 2010 4 comments

Every time I think this phrase, I cant help but let my mind wander back to the days when I was a little OG back in Compton. The Streets is hot and my boy Ice Cube was on the prowl in his lowrider Impala hitting switches while rolling by the bacon. That, my friends, was a good day.

And so was today. It started out slow as molasses and I thought that I might go insane with sitting on the couch and finishing homework. That all changed though when I got an email invite to a casting call for suit designer Joseph Abboud. Now I dont know this guy from Adam, that’s a Bible reference, but his suits are pretty legit from what I have seen. Either way, I skated out to 650 Fifth Ave at 52nd and took the elevator up to the 27th floor. I felt like a baller bc this place was pristine. Luckily I think ahead because the humidity today was up there. I swapped out a sweaty for a freshy and strutted into the showroom with my board in tow. Read more…


seis de mayo

It kinda looks like a mexican tapeworm right?

Yup its the day after cinco de mayo and I figured I would keep the theme. It probably runs its course with this post though so dont worry about any more espanol in this blog.

I woke with a slight headache this morn, but fully understood where it came from…tequila. I do not like tequila and it does not like me. Its not really a hatred kind of thing, we just arent that cordial. He comes over, I get a little antsy, maybe start knocking things over and that’s how it all starts. I kept it cool last night with it being our first meeting in many months, but still this morning I awoke with a reminder that tequila had been in town. Read more…

cinco de mayo

This is a day to celebrate Mexican independence. A day for Mexi-cants to be Mexi-cans! (that’s a line from the movie “From Dusk til Dawn” so dont come at me) Or is this day an excuse for white people to drink margaritas with salt, shoot crappy cuervo, eat mexican food and just revel in ponchos and dirty Sanchez Mustaches? I pose this question to the world.

Are we as Americans just adopting another holiday as our own to benefit ourselves? I think so, and I think you think so too. Does anyone out there partying know the story behind today? I am not trying to be self righteous because I didnt either. Let me drop some knowledge on you so that you can feel better as you go out today.

History lesson:
Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s independence, marked by General Ignacio Zaragoza defeating the French at Puebla in 1862. After having already shrugged off European rule by the Spanish, Mexico wasn’t having any more of a European foothold in their land. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the nation’s resolve towards independence. Read more…

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April 22, 2010 1 comment

The little guy is me. This pic was taken just yesterday in Crossfit. The guy holding me is my trainer. Now you can see why I joined!

I just signed up for a new gym regimen and though super expensive I am excited about it. Its called Crossfit and its a full body workout each session that incorporates muscle confusion so you dont plateau. I owe Rob Perry and Tommy Burdette apologies for making fun of them back when they were doing this workout. Sorry fellas, I now see why you were doing this. If you follow the entire plan to a “T”, it seems much like a cult (dont drink the Kool-Aid!). But after hearing testimonials, hitting up a couple free workouts and doing some research, I am in full steam ahead. This workout isnt about pushing weight, which I am absolutely tired of. Its about full body conditioning using medicine balls, rowing, kettlebells, pull ups, and a ton of “body weight” exercises. Ive been looking for something to help rehab my knee and shoulder, but now I dont have to look any further. Read more…

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