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rise and shine

So I found the sun peeking through my curtains around 0650 this morning and fought the losing battle of trying to go back to sleep. Instead I am reserved to trying a nap later this afternoon. Maybe siestas are the way to go? I talked about this concept with a friend that recently went to Milan and she believes this is the key to happiness. I will take your suggestion Madame and put it into action. Let the happiness and sleep ensue!!

Im working on homework now at 0751, and am not really wrapping my head around it. We have to create a business from the ground up with a foundation in ethics. What’s the ethical code of conduct for the company, do managers get ethics training, what values does your company live/run by? Its a little heavy for this morning but I definitely dont want to be stuck inside all day today when the sun is shining. 2000 word essay and 10 slide PowerPoint to explain the company due next Saturday, our outline due tomorrow. ANOTHER 10 HOUR HELL DAY! Ugggghhhhh. Only one more week after this one of two-a-day classes. I will never take a Saturday class again.

On the bright side. Its Friday. You would think that this day wouldnt matter when a person is unemployed and has TOO much free time. But by assuming that you would be very wrong my friends. Today is Friday and I look forward to it every week because its fish sangwich day at Von Hollands Delicatessen on 3rd and Bloom!! This sandwich literally makes my week. Its that good! I forget my problems, forget that school is only a couple hours away, and remember that life tastes good. You can call me a fatty if you want to. I would simply wipe away the tartar sauce and smile.


my friday nights

One of the worst things in life is school on Saturday, that is besides Herpes. While my friends are out frolicking about tonight, I was lucky enough to sit at home and finish up homework that had been looming all week. “Why didnt you do it earlier in the week”, you ask. Well because the University of Phoenix has this amazing thing called Learning Teams. These teams are comprised of a random grouping of my classmates. Each week, the team is given an assignment that must be completed for the following class. If everyone works early in the week, Matt doesnt have to do 5 hours of homework on a Friday night. Obviously, because I am writing this post, this was not the case. Read more…

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yes, really!

I should have known that being prepared gets me nowhere! And the fact that this school cant gets its damn scheduling right is truly beyond me.

I left the house a little late because I was trying to scarf down some Old Fashioned Oats and a b-A-n-A-n-A-s (sing it like Gwen). 0745 means that I am not going to make it to class on time. That is, if the class even starts at 08. Decide to get back to my roots and kick, push, coast on the new board. Its a little chilly out this morning but the air feels crisp. Push through Target parking lot and then Modells, short cut through the plaza and Im at school in less than 7 minutes without breaking a sweat! It usually takes at least 20 on the train. Green transportation works!

Get to school, up to the 5th floor, and greet two other people. Both teachers, no students. One of them happens to be my teacher. We officially meet and then she tells me that the class starts at 09. GREAT!

Here I sit in the student lounge wondering if this is worth it sometimes. I knew this wasnt going to be easy but this hasnt exactly been an organized process from their standpoint. Ill suck it up and move on, just pissed off that I had to see 0645 on the clock this morning when I could have slept in for another hour. Here’s to being prepared. “HERE, HERE!”

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Tell me what good there is in me being up this early on a Saturday morning? IS there any good reason, really? If I were going on a trip, a skate through the city, down to Red Bank to meet Shawna, then yes. But not school. The next 8 weeks I have class or classes on Saturdays. Worst part is, I emailed me teacher about some questions and told her I would see her at 0800. She replies, “arent we to be in class at 0900?” So now, I dont know which it is. My electronic schedule says 0800 and she is saying 0900. That means that I have to be there at 0800 even if it starts at 0900. Life is cruel.

At least the sun is already shining. I guess that will be my niche for the next 2 months. Ill play weatherman to all you downtrodden, oversleep, overpartying, hungover friends of mine. Stay tuned here for all the action news and now to Matt Colvin for some weather! This way you dont have to look out the window and hurt your pour, dry eyes. Read it here.

Its sunny folks, looking like Spring has actually arrived. Hallelujah, praise baby Jesus.

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COMM105 Final

View from class. Downtown Manhattan

Horrible night of sleep. Saw the clock every hour from 0300 on and feeling real sluggish today. Not quite sure what was keeping me up but Ive been restless for days. I’m tired but can’t get into that good sleep. You know, that sleep-so-hard-that-you-wake-up-with-a-snort-in-a-puddle-of-your-own-drool kinda sleep. The sleep-so-deep-you-blink-and-it’s-8-hours-later type sleep.

Wake up for the last time around 0900, eat a cinnamon raisin bagel, and lounge around this morning. Contemplate going to the gym for about an hour, but can’t get motivated. Nix the gym for now. Read more…

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Saturday school

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Back in the day, Saturday school was like detention but worse…it was on Saturday!! You probably didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out. Either way, I called a meeting today so our learning team for college could discuss our 20 minute presentation that’s due on Monday. 1000 isn’t that early and isn’t too late to take up a whole day. I figured it was good since everyone agreed. I was wrong.

After the whole debacle with possible exploding boilers and the HFD, I only got 5 hours sleep because of the meeting. No worries. I got dressed an arrived early. 10 passes, 1015 and I’m getting a little nervous, 1054 the first one shows. 40 minutes later 2 more roll in all smiles. One doesn’t show at all and texts me with, “I’m boarding in VT, my bad, ha”.

Ha my ass! I wanted to give them a taste of military discipline but I decided against it. Frustrated, we worked through the PowerPoint slides and talked about proper techniques of presenting.

I excused all of them by 1300 and stayed to clean up the assignment. 1530 rolls around and I’m over this.

It makes me wonder how many of the 32 students in my “graduating class” are actually going to receive a diploma. Learning teams, which U of Phoenix uses, only work if you can get everyone on the same page. Strike 1, 2, and 3. They are all out. New team for next class.

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