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x games day 3

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Last night was interesting to say the least, but 3.5 hours of sleep doesn’t do well for being on the hill at 8a. 615 wake up on the couch and yell “it’s too damn early for this!” To the mountain by 7a for our meeting and then up the lift. The mountain is amazing any part of the day, but in the morning, it’s just perfect. Especially when there are only 15 people on the mountain with you. It felt like I was riding my own private run. Pretty sick.

I filmed the adaptive snowboarder X this morning and got to see all the athletes killing it. It’s so awesome to be on the course where the top athletes in the world compete. I got to ride a portion of the course the first day, but tomorrow I am absolutely rolling the entire course. It’ll be easy goes it, but at least I will have that under my belt. Read more…


my life fits in 8 boxes

January 20, 2011 2 comments

29.25 cubic feet of "me"

I remember coming into the military with nothing but literally the clothes on my back (a set of Tims, sweatpants which I thought was a good idea in San Antonio in September, and a gray T-shirt). I eventually earned a couple of uniforms; one blue and one camouflage. In the years after I would blow a $16,000 bonus on a 1,200 watt, concrete-rattling stereo that lit my Civic up blue and was eventually stolen by Mexicans from Kinko’s while Cody was signing divorce papers. Slightly embarrassing. 16Gs also went to a sweet, poolside BBQ celebration of my apparent wealth along with a thousand beers for my bros and drinks for pretty ladies. I made a lot of friends during this period, wonder why?

Basically after that, I had nothing all over again. I grew up a little after playing “baller” for a couple of months and then decided it was time to start accumulating items that I “needed” in life. TV, sofa, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, computer, PS2, cali king double pillow top heavenly bed, and some other things. All through the rest of my career I used these things, but upon leaving to return to civilian life, I stored or sold much of it and was again left with nothing. Read more…

simpler times

April 21, 2010 1 comment

The last couple posts really got me thinking about the changes we go through in life and how different things are today than yesterday. Not actually yesterday, but you know what I mean. The yesterday that was your college years or for me the military. The yesterday that was high school, middle school and the playground in elementary. The yesterday that was the old block, the hood you grew up in. Where is all that now? Where did it all run off to?

I know we are on this earth to live, work, die and pay taxes, but along the way, where did these times go? Have you ever really sat down and thought about how mundane and monotonous our lives have become. Where is the spontaneity, that fire that makes us leap before we look. We are so calculated and plan oriented now that we have lost a little bit of ourselves and we lose more with each day that we dont reign it back in. Work to make money to live happily ever after when you are 65. Its not going to happen like that for me and I know that. I want to live that life now and work along the way. Truthfully, I just dont want to work ever again, but I havent invented silent velcro yet. Read more…


Back home and forgot to go to Rob’s for the Lost viewing party. Oops. Ill catch it online tomorrow hopefully.

Just got finished talking to Cody, my best friend from the USAF who is currently in pilot training. He is currently single, loves playing on dirtbikes, always has a one-liner ready fro any occassion, and most importantly, he “likes to party.” If there are any ladies reading this that might be interested, please feel free to check him on Facebook here.

I digress. Cody happened to read my blog today and decided that he too was in a bad place physically. Our solution, get fit together! (Totally sounds like an 80s workout infomercial) He was also interested in returning to our glory days and has decided to rededicate time to physical fitness. I can honestly say, that I am thankful to have helped my Tiny Dancer (lots of inside jokes here) get motivated. We are now on a weekly calling basis to check up on each other’s fat butts so that by October we can be in the best shape of our lives. Our reward for all this hard work? Not really sure yet, but Costa Rica came up and I think that is a splendid idea. Read more…

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