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bro day

Thursday nights at the shore are out of control if one attends the phenomenon called “Shot Wheel.” Last week, I partook in the madness and was awoken the next morning with a snort and a startle. Miraculously I had made the 100 yard walk home safely, I was in my own bed, and I had all my clothes on. CHeck, check, and check plus.

A sizeable headache, but nothing that a vitamin water and a little salt water cant cure. The greatest hangover cure in the known world is the ocean. The salty swell of waves, the sound of the curlers crashing, and some floating in the sweet sunshine is enough to bring even the lowliest of zombies back to life. I tried to catch some Beater waves (A Beater is a mix between a boogie board and surf board allowing you to surf in the boogie board area, ingenious) unsucessfully. Its hard to stand up on a foam board that is only 4 feet long, but Im getting closer with every day. Drop the Beater off and on to what I excel at, body surfing. A couple hard strokes, get your mind out of the gutter, a perfect plane to surf on, and I am off through the tiny barrels. Its one of my favorite things about the ocean here. You always can grab a little shore break wave and ride it in.

Next came team waves where Bub, Chris and I caught the curl along with up to ten other wave riders. It was funny to see and participate in a row of late 20s men paddling into waves that crush you on the sand. Bodies washing up all over the place, a little bit of sand burn, and a shit ton of laughing. Chris was even lucky enough to receive the comment, “you young men are crazy!” from an older women in a floral swimsuit reminiscent of 60s wallpaper. I think she might have had one of those green see-through poker visor too. You know, the one that has the spiral elastic coil in the back and shades the wearer’s face in a hulk-like green glow. Yeah you know what I mean. Read more…


hobo st pattys

To be honest, I was a little nervous about today’s events going in. Last night I even got a little antsy before going to bed.

I woke up today to the sound of drunks already running the streets. I could almost smell the Jameson from inside room. Opened the blinds and it was gorgeous out. The sun was shining and it was in the 50s at 10, amazing! Freshened up, ate a banana and chugged some water, then out the door to Bubs place.

Pass cops on every corner and literally everyone is rocking green. I chose a hoodie from Ogden Clothing that says “Irish I wasn’t so drunk”. Lots of laughs as I passed crowds of booze hounds and can’t believe the weather is so great.

Arrive at 1030 and people are already falling over, stumbly drunk. First guy is kicked out by 1115, wouldn’t imagine it any other way.

We played some cornhole, drank some Coors (aka Beast), and pulled some Jameson. Lots of good convo with a ton of people I haven’t seen since last summer and really looking forward to THIS summer.

All in all, nothing too crazy to report. I’ve never seen Hoboken so packed as I walked to the path to catch my train to Red Bank. It’ll be interesting to see the news articles tomorrow since each offense this year carries a $2000 fine and community service. Hoboken made more than a quarter mill last year, I’m betting 3 this year.

Bub, anyone barf in the tank? Hope not

bubby’s world

Remember the show Bobby's World? Well we got a friend we call Bub. He actually has a ton of aliases. Here are just a few: Bubraham Lincoln, George Bubaya Bush, Bubby Tuesday. I cant think of the rest right now, but Ill rethink it after some beers tomorrow.


Bubby's World happens to be an extreme fish tank that he has in his apt. Its pretty amazing and I happen to stare at it every time I go over. Happened to me again today, kinda fell into a trance watching these tropical little guys flitter about. Check the pics.

$10 someone barfs in it for Hoboken St. Patty's Day (yup, Hoboken does it a week early, yup!) More on that tomorrow.

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