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bustin in transworld!!

Jenica at the BK shop photo by Brett Beyer

If you dont watch action or board sports, arent following Bustin Boards, or dont know anything about the industry, let me tell you one thing. Transworld Business is THEE bible of the board sports world. 2 out of 3 shops read it and it has a pass off rating of over 5 times. This magazine touches millions of readers a year….and we finally made it in there!

Micku showing off her skate rash photo by: Brett Beyer

The female skate revolution is upon us and of course it would be lead by the greatest city in the world, NYC. To make it that much better, the crew at Bustin is the tip of the spear when it comes to this. I had the pleasure of skating with these lovelies many times over the last couple years and actually got to help get the lady skate team set into motion. From there, these gals took off. Sick rippers that definitely put more time in on a board than I do. What could be better than a gang of girls pulling stand up slides, styling slides, and manuals all while keeping it sexy on one of our boards? I can think of too much better, except for female surfer bikini malfunctions. These Bustin Broads are amazing in every way and I am glad they are finally getting a chance to show the world what girl power truly is.

Nathalie rocking her Strike photo by: Brett Beyer

Jenica, Nathalie, and Micku, I am proud to call you my friends. Congrats on the movement you have started. I hope this takes you to where you want to be…if you arent already there.

Check out this link to see what the girls of Bustin are doing to change the perception of female skating one city at a time. BK Stand Up!

The female skate scene in NYC and what it means for the industry



cotton candy

Back in Hobo and rocking new duds! SKate duds that is. This board is so fresh it smells like springtime or babies. This board was inspired from the Strike I was rocking all summer long in 2009. I painted it with a teal base, white, yellow, pink and orange “Bustins”. This one is a little different since its mass produced, but it feels good to have inspired a board that hundreds will ride.

Next, those wheels. Jef “walkStar” came up with the “tightwall” name and I played into the blacked out inner design. Originally they were supposed to be black on the backside of the hub as well so that it looks like you are riding with no inner. Hope that makes sense.

Ate at Taco Chulo on Grand in Williamsburg and killed a massive Puerco burrito. It was insanely good. A little pricey, but one of the best burros I have had since leaving Tucson. I would liken it to Chipotle on steroids. Packed with well seasoned, fall apart pork, potatoes instead of the usual rice and freshly made guacamole. If you are in the area of the Bustin Boards shop or anywhere near Grand and Havemeyer, you should stop through and check out these delectables.

Im now back at Chris’s writing this and hanging on the couch. Thinking a nap is in order but since I am running out of daylight, that might not be a good idea. PLEASE let me sleep tonight!

Whats for dinn? Lost is on tonight, sawheat! Happy 4twenty all you clowns out there.


Egg white omelet, early morning chat with Michelle, contemplate the Empire coffee I am craving but decide to hit the gym instead. I guess this is part of the new mindset here. I am trying to get past all my temptations, mostly food, and get back into shape. I have been a serious slacker in this department ever since leaving the military, so why not change that today? I claim today as the beginning of a new day!! Literally. And that doesnt even really make sense, but that’s what came out. Oh and I volunteered to go to Haiti next month.

Over at Chris’s right now working on our game plan for the day. I feel energized and so does he. A good combo for two guys going through lady troubles. Today we are rolling out to Bustin Boards in Brooklyn to claim my Strike, new wheels and just catch up with the old crew. Along the way we are picking up a straggler named Liam, Chris’s friend from high school, for some lunch and whatever ensues. Liam was a part of our infamous Sunday Funday two weeks ago. There will be a censored report of that sometime soon. Read more…