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T minus 10 days

December 18, 2010 Leave a comment

and counting until the death of my 20s is upon me. Its all really just a blur at this point so I cant even say that its truly set in. Work this week, travel home to be with the family on Christmas, then back to NYC for the 30th commemoration of my birth. I still dont have plans and I think I like it that way. I dont feel nervous. I dont feel old (though a girl told me I was too old to dance to hiphop the other night. Thanks little lady. By the way, get that gap in your teeth fixed and take advantage of the ProActive infomercial that plays on repeat all day. That might change your attitude on life.).

Maybe this will set in as the next 10 days carry on and I get closer to the impending doom of my youthful life. Im somewhat numb to the fact that its here, though I have been talking about it a lot lately. I think other people are making a bigger deal out of it than I am. “THE BIG 3-0!” Yeah thanks, I get it. Its kinda been on my mind for the last 365.

The Box was brought up yesterday over some bloody maries so I may explore this option as it would be the most random night it could possibly be, BUT it also may not be the venue that some of my friends would be into. Im open to suggestions.

Let the countdown begin.


Google visit

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment

welcome to Google

I’m not sure how many people go beyond using the search tools and maps and earth and docs and gmail, but have you ever read about Google? I mean, read articles about the coolness of Google? I get that some people hate “mainstream” entities because they are the monopolizers of our creativity and leave no room for small business….blah blah blah. Only hipsters and closed minded people think like this.

If you have ever read about Google, you know that the reason they are number one in the world of business is because they invest in the happiness of their employees. Tony Hsieh of Zappos surely read something about Google when he started his vision quest for an online shoe retailer to end all shoe retailers. In doing so, he became the coolest shoe dude there is, trumping Lebron and Kobe (besides, neither of these guys is Jordan). Tony started a happy company and I would bet that he learned a thing or two from Google.

I have read a ton of articles on Google. Everything from their earnings reports to blogs about Groupon turning down their $6 billion buyout proposal. Must be nice to turn down $6 Billy. The one thing that always stuck out to me was the fact that Google bred creativity. I don’t mean, Googlers (that’s what they are called inside the Google-talk) standing up on a pedestal and preaching to the masses about how to be creative. I mean that they actual breed a culture in which it is IMPOSSIBLE to not create! I have seen a couple of pictures of the inside of the “campus” before but never dreamed I would get to walk through the golden arches, shit I got MickyD’s on the mind, I mean those pearly gates to a heaven of creative powerhouses. Well folks, today I did just that and it was everything I dreamed it could be. You know how I know that it was everything that I ever dreamed it could be? Because there was a laminated painting of Michael Jackson set in an 1800’s ballroom on a table in a microkitchen (tiny kitchen with all the necessary amenities). MJ in white opened button down, black gloves and hair blowing in the wind. The people around him in puffy ballroom garb and top hats. (UPDATE! See below – Thanks CL)

HEE HEE, Hell Yea MJ!

When I walked through the doors from the elevator, I was greeted by a gingerbread house made of cardboard that served as the reception desk. This was complete with snowmen riding Razors who had badges and hipster glasses on. Typical New York Snowmen. Just as the icon of Google changes online most days, so does the decor of the company. As we crossed into the badged areas, I immediately became a kid again. I mean they have a Lego room where you can have a meeting while building something out of Legos! WHAT? A working erector(ha)set ferris wheel that stands at almost eye level. Tables and comfy chairs riddle the landscape of halls, meeting rooms, and open office space as far as the eye can see. I mean this literally too because Google takes up several floors of a building that is one city block large. They ride Razors around inside because there is so much area to cover (now if I can get them to buy in on some Bustin Boards Longboards. I happen to know the owners…).

Everything about this place screams “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! DO SOMETHING THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE! CREATE!” The walls are littered with interesting murals, paintings, Google adaptations, story boards of new products/ideas. The insides of office spaces are personalized. There are funny quotes, drawings, pictures, posters all over and you can sense what each person is about and what fuels them by looking around their area. It’s a hyper-creative atmosphere that just got my heart pumping. It’s EXACTLY where I would want to work. Let me rephrase that, it’s EXACTLY how I want my business’s environment to be. No 9-5, no cubicles, no over watch. Just open, free air workspaces filled with what each person in the team needs to be creative AND all the tools imaginable to make those ideas come to life. Read more…

“cape beer” day 4

If I were charting a boat, this would be it on principle

Cape Fear but with beer and without DeNiro or young Juliette Lewis and the whole threatening of murder thing. So I guess its really nothing like that movie I suppose.

Good morning world, let’s go see some whales! I was jazzed up, but didnt really understand that this day would end up possibly ranking as a top ten moment in my life. I wish I could go into everyday with that kind of feeling.

We hit the road around 1030 for our noon launch out into the Atlantic. The drive was smooth and once again we talked about all things under the sun; old vacations, funny emails, phone plans, and stuff that there was no way I would remember. The crew arrived in Provincetown, MA a little before noon and we embarked on our whale watching excursion. We chose Dolphin Fleet Whale Watchers because they came highly reccomended on the internet and at our condo. Our tour guide spoke about the formation of the Cape, the reasoning behind the high whale population in the area and educated us on the whale types. There are two types of whales, toothed and baleen. Toothed whales are killer whales, minkes, beluga, dolphins and the like. Baleen whales do not have teeth, but instead use patches of specialized hair to filter out water and keep in fish or krill. It looks like the head of a broom and is made out of keratin, the same as your hair and fingernails. Bet you never thought you would come to this blog for some real education on sea-life did ya? You’ve just been edumacated! Read more…

cape cod day 3

all aboard old people...and me

Brunch train ride through the Cape? Do I look 79 or have a walker with some cut up tennis balls on it? Nope, but Ill go along with it.

The ride was actually pretty fun, plus I am now more interested than ever to find out about my family’s involvement in the military and how my parents grew up. Im not going to have too many chances to just pick their brains for hours on end like I have had this week so I better take advantage. The train ride took us through about half of the Cape, talked about the history behind the railroad, showed the points of interest along the route and just generally had a ton of facts that no one would ever want to know unless you are on a train ride to have brunch. Did you know that Massachusetts is the second leading producer of cranberries in the US? ME NEITHER? Fun fact of the day for ya.

The food was pretty outstanding as well, so we definitely got out money’s worth. I had a lobster, asparagus, and cheese omelet that could only have been made better with some hot peppers. Mom had some vegetarian manicotti that had fresh veges throughout, fresh. Nanny had some chicken with bourneise sauce that was buttery goodness. Oh and I had an “average” bloody mary. I will always give a bloody mary the benefit of the doubt, but there arent too many better in the world than Fanelli’s Cafe in SOHO. This one on the train came from a local mix and actually had Kettle as the vodka. Not too shabby, but I can only give it a 6 out of 10.

lobster in an omelet, strange but when in Rome...

We left the train around 2 and hustled back to Brewster to hit the beach for a little stroll. Nanners having to use a cane, she stayed in the car and napped out, but before she shut her eyes I surprised her with a backflip off the dunes. Mom screamed bc she thought I was going to kill myself, but I am writing you this so you know I nailed that shiz like Kerri Strug. Mom and I walked around the beach so she could collect shells and just talked. I dont even really remember what we talked about but it was a good time. The tide was so far out that the sand bar stretched out 100 yards from shore. We kept walking and talking going further from shore when I stopped to take some pics of this crazy red sand. It looked like something out of the red rocks in Sedona AZ only on the beaches. As I bent down to shoot, I noticed that the water was slowly creeping in. When I looked back at where we came from, the sandbar was now covered in water. Mom would never have noticed until it was too late and if I hadnt bent down to take the pic we wouldve been screwed. We waded through thigh high water to get back and by the time we reached the shore, the sandbar was completely gone. We got a laugh and mom joked about me carrying her on my back if I was a gentlemen. I probably shouldve in hind sight.

this is sand on the east coast? I couldnt believe it

We laughed all the way to the car, told Nanny about what happened and then rolled back to the condo. Hung there for a while then went to eat at the local dining hole called JTs. All fried seafood goodness, chowder and ice cream. A winning combo indeed. Nanny and I split a tub of fried clams and I had the best New England clam chowdah I had ever had. It was creamy, but not heavy. I would describe it as airy. Big chunks of aeromatics and clams that barely all fit on the spoon. It wasnt laidened with salt and with just a dash of pepper I was sent into chowdah bliss. I thought about ordering another cup but if you could have seen the mountain of fried clam strips in front of me, you would have called my a glutton. A pretty good meal that was topped off with a twisted soft serve cone. Voila. I hadnt had a twist cone in ages. In fact, I dont know the last time I ate one of them. Probably at McDonalds back when I was in the military, but this was a throwback.

Back to the pad and on the couch to digest. We watched a movie, talked and called it a fairly early night. Its pretty funny to be sitting here with two other generations of my family. I’ve thought about that since mom said it earlier today. Whale watching on day 4 so we had to be prepped for the high seas!

CHOWDAH!! this sh!t was rocking!

recovery day(s)

I definitely do not recover the same as I used to and a great example of this is how I feel today. I dont necessarily feel bad, just off. I think I have even developed a cold…in TUCSON!!! I am not sure how this happens because the weather is incredible, but I think it did. Im crazy stuffed up and just feel like I still have my lean on.

Saturday night left me feeling pretty banged up and I am sad to say that I am still not fully recovered. Maybe it wasnt just Saturday. Maybe it was drinking Capt n Cokes for 4 hours outside the minute I landed in Tucson and getting sun burned. Maybe it was playing webbed for 3 days straight. Maybe it was the bloody maries and mimosas and beers that were had all day everyday leading up to Saturday’s debacle. Read more…

party down

The party here at Brandon’s on Saturday was pretty ridiculous. A mix of military friends that I hadn’t seen in years, Kenzi’s high school friends celebrating her graduation and a mix of Tammi’s brothers and sisters. There was a DJ, lots of drinks flowing and a ton of catching up that was accomplished. I missed out on some people who I wanted to see, but this party wasnt about an old guy, it was about Kenzi. She danced with her friends and looked like she had a blast. There were choreographed dance routines and even a pretty major dance off which I may or may not have been apart of. This also may or may not have been caught on video. Apparently there was a Bob the Builder helmet used as a prop. I may have punked a 19-year-old and “allegedly” placed said helmet in my shirt where I promptly birthed it. It was beyond ridiculous, but absolutely necessary. If the video shows up on the internet I will post it here, but I am honestly hoping that it doesn’t make it out of Tammi’s hands. Read more…

Disappointment: my definition

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations to manifest, ask defined by Wikipedia. Mine is similar…

Disappointment is defined as coordinating a perfectly heterosexual man-date via text message last night with the best bar tender in NYC to receive the best prepared Bloody Mary in the world, only to walk in on another man behind his bar. I’ve been stood up!

Such is my life. I opened the door to Fanelli’s Cafe in Soho to find a bald guy playing mixologist instead of my friend from Westham England whom I haven’t seen in 3 months. My heart dropped, but I ventured in anyways with the hopes of my man-date showing up. Didnt happen. The tuna salad sandwich is pretty damn good though.

Here is a pic of a barely mediocre BM made too salty by my disappointed tears.

That’s my definition of disappointment.