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T Minus 6 hours and counting…

…until I can safely put my bed together. Just finished staining this giant black and green thorn in my ass and now I have to wait for it to dry. Yeah that’s right I finished staining this at 0830 this AM. That’s because I had the workout from hell at 0700. Kettelbells are an amazing workout but not quite sure why they are called that. They are not black (you know the phrase, “pot calling the kettle black”), NOR do they chime, interesting. Something to ponder, also something to try. Ladies if you have seen my butt and enjoy its roundness; 1) thank kettlebells and 2) I am in a relationship.

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Got that paintbrush, now to put this bed together…

So, I bought the paintbrushes necessary to stain my new bed, but for some reason it is all still sitting in the corner of my room. I cant really say its out of laziness, more like I dont really care. I look at the boxes every time I walk into my room. They smile at me, I smile back, and I forget about them. That is until I walk into my room to go to sleep each night. I shut the curtains, stumble over the cans of stain and the stack of boxes that entomb my bed pieces, but still I wake up every morning without really thinking about putting it together.

Why is that? I ask because I dont even know the answer. I once again stumble over boxes and step on brushes as I wipe the sleep from my eye. I then open each curtain and let the morning light pour in onto the boxes that hold my bed. Weird. I write this today, to say that I have spent too long on the floor. Tomorrow I BUILD MY BED!

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Tomorrow I buy a paintbrush

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Yeah so a couple weeks back, I said I was moving from a mattress on the floor to a mansion in the sky…kinda like the Jeffersons. (if you dont remember the Jefferson’s, stop reading this blog, we have nothing in common)

Either way, my status is still “on the floor”. I happened to buy the bed this past weekend, 10 days after I quoted in the post “What air raid siren?” My new Ikea Dalselv bed is neatly tucked in the southeast corner of my room…still in the box.

I want to stain the bed black and green before assembling it so that it has some sort of character to it. To do that, I need a paintbrush.

Tomorrow I buy a paintbrush! (Now let’s see if I get it assembled tomorrow???)

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