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valentines scmalentines

February 15, 2011 1 comment

It was funny to hear the rumblings in the office as February 14th rolled closer and closer. The people with significant others were often looking for advice on what to shop for, what to do for that special night, or just needed help in every aspect. Inside and outside the office, I could feel the mounting tension of the entire island of Manhattan. The feeling wasn’t the same for me this year either. I’m obviously in a different place than last year (I was in a relationship last year and this year I am not, plain and simple), but the singledom wasn’t what seemed different. It’s like my mood around the holiday suddenly became neutral, like I wasn’t even effected by the fact that on the most “romantic” day of the year, I could care less. I even laughed as I typed that, but it was so true.

I felt indifferent to the whole celebration. Indifferent to the red and pink hues everywhere. Indifferent to all the couples I watched stumble down the street and into the subway after my celebration of Valentine’s Day. I just laughed, muttered “look at these schmucks” a couple of times to myself, and carried on without a second thought. I hope this doesn’t make me a bitter old man because I actually like the whole Valentine’s Day thing. I don’t know if I agree with the monetization of the day or the expectations of romance every February 14th, but I like the idea of a day spent with a person you love. I don’t want to celebrate the holiday any more. I would rather it be a Tuesday in May when the birds are chirping and the sun is shining. Why not be romantic that day? Or why not be romantic on a beach in the summertime? Or why not cook a meal for that special lady on Friday night after a hard week’s work? That’s what I like to think of, but these are the words of a helpless romantic, and someone who could give two #2’s about Vday 2011. Read more…


surf expo 2011 booth

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment


Reef cups far behind us, Chris and I rolled out to Orlando to set up Ogden Clothing’s booth at Surf Expo 2011. We had walked the Surf Expo in Sept and had a blast, but now it was time for our first exhibition of NJ style with the big dogs. Every major player in the surf world would be there; Billabong, Reef, Quiksilver, and here we were. Little fish in a big pond.

The idea behind our booth was to capture something out of Anchorman with rich mahogany and many leather-bound books. We wanted to make the shop owners, other exhibitors, and anyone else walking the expo to feel welcome with our setup. We wanted people to walk into the booth, look around and catch our vibe. We had everything from cassette tapes to vinyl, an old radio, pictures of our whole crew and riders, some Bustin longboards, and Andy Warde’s mind-blowing artwork. We had some guitars, a couple old school snifters filled with sophisticated man drinks and grandma’s pimp cups which were conversation starters by themselves. The idea, the concept was amazing. The set up and assembly, however was a nightmare. Read more…


November 26, 2010 3 comments

I miss you...

Excerpt from my bus ride ramblings:

One year for Christmas my brother and I asked for a Nintendo. The original Nintendo, that’s how long ago this was. On Christmas Brandon and I were greeted with said Nintendo. We played Super Mario Bros all damn day and night and into next morning. Delirious from lack of sleep and with thumbs swollen from too much button pushing, we wearily fell asleep. The next morning, December 26th, a little more than 24 hours since we had acquired our amazing gaming system, we found out that our Nintendo was gone. GONE! No not stolen during the 3 hours of sleep we might have had, but taken away. Apparently a woman that liked my father had bought the Nintendo to impress him and win us over. Sometime during those 24 hours when we were playing our little hearts out, she decided she had made a mistake in giving the game to us. The beach came over and took it from us. She said it wasn’t working out with dad and took our F@ck!n& Nintendo!! WHO DOES THAT? WHOOOOO does that to little kids?!!?

I hope you are reading this Nintendo Indian-giver lady and I hope you are ashamed. Think about how scarred I am from this to have it come up 20 years later in my life and in multiple drunken conversations when I told my friends AND complete strangers about what a beach you are. The laughing that ensued echoes in my mind forever. Im glad people could find satisfaction in my pain, the pain you caused me. I don’t know your name, but I wish I did so I could do the same to you.

I would plan to meet you in the grocery store as we both reached for a bottle of Women’s One-a-Day or Centrum Silver. We would share a small awkward laugh and sheepishly I would allow you to take the bottle. I would explain that I was getting the bottle for my mom and then tell you that there is no way that bottle is for you because you don’t look a day over 40. You giggle and blush using your liver spotted hands to cover your dentures. This gets your blood pumping a little harder as you think, “could he really be complimenting me? Is he hitting on me?” I’ll do you one better lady, I’ll even ask you out for a coffee. The coffee would lead to witty banter on my part and you would look like a deer in the headlights as you marveled over the fact that a strapping young man could want anything to do with an old bag like you. To take it even further, I would pull a page from the Will Ferrell Classic Anchorman. I would take you out for a nice seafood dinner, then NEVER CALL YOU AGAIN! I look forward to our chance encounter in the pharmaceutical aisle. I’ll grab the Boniva, you grab the Metamucil and we’ll hang out, I swear. Ill call you, promise…

review: get him to the greek

Judd Apatow is quickly becoming the most prolific comedy producer in the history of cinema. This may be a stretch to some people but think back to the movies this guy has produced/written in the last 5 years. If you cant think of any, I dont blame you. But after I mention some of them, consider you memory jogged and really evaluate my first statement. Here’s a list:

“Funny People” with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen
“Pineapple Express” with James Franco and Seth Rogen
“Stepbrothers” like I need to tell you who starred in this
“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” with Russel Brand, Jason Segel, Mila Kunis
“Superbad” with Jonah Hill and Michael Cera
“Knocked Up” with Kathryn Heigel, Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd
“Talladega Nights” with John C Riley and Will Ferrell
“The 40 Year Old Virgin” with Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd, and Seth Rogen
“Anchorman” with Steve Carrell, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Christina Applegate
Sprinkle in there a couple movies that werent blockbusters like “Year One”, “Kicking and Screaming”, “Walk Hard”, and “Drillbit Taylor” and you have yourself a nifty 5 year span.

(I actually took it out to 6 years to capture his crown jewel – Anchorman)

They cant all be winners, but many of them are and “Get Him to the Greek” is another one that I feel is a hit. It was called “one huge potty joke” by some, but I feel that his movies give rise to some real talented comedians by letting them simply play off each other. If you watch the interactions between Brand and Hill, you can see that each one of them is trying to outdo the other. There are many times when I felt that this stuff is too original to be scripted. I will unfortunately have to wait for the DVD gag reel to come out to verify this. This sense of spontaneity is one of the main reasons that Apatow is a hit machine. I would liken him to Hank Aaron, baseball’s real homerun king. He just goes out, hires his funny friends, and hits homeruns (makes multimillion dollar comedic hits). Read more…

just like old times

If this were a Sunday, I would swear that I had been transported back in time to my military years here in Tucson. Sundays consisted of me skating the 1/4 mile to Brandon’s house lugging a handle of Capt if it were my time to buy, then cooking all day and watching the games. Slow cooking dips and pork carnitas, breading and basting our own spicy chicken wings, and making creme brulees. We did some SERIOUS cooking and eating back in those days. Sundays, this became the ritual. Great food, handles of rum, the triple brewed hops of Miller Lites and gorging oneself on fatty num nums.

Different house, bigger kitchen, different time 4 years later, but same smells of transparent onions and chilies, same beers, and same soundtrack(Anchorman). If you havent listened to this soundtrack, you are missing out. I love Will Ferrell and this CD is worth listening to all the way through when you are having a day that just needs a “pick me up.” his funny interjections really set the mood for a good time. Nothing like have a real good laugh between sick rock riffs and throwing some chili and queso together. This is one of those times that again transports me back.

Im so glad that I started writing in this blog because of how much it has opened my eyes and helped me to really appreciate the memories that I can actually recall. Is that a side effect of alcohol? Is that posted anywhere on the can? I cant remember.

Side note on alcohol: Did you know that 67% of STDs and 80% of unwanted pregnancies occur when alcohol is involved? This was actually in a summer safety briefing issued by the world’s finest Air Force just a week ago. This info was even accompanied by several PowerPoint slides to really bring home the point.

Not too shabby here in the Bennett house. Just like old times.