creepy interactions

February 21, 2011 3 comments

I have been lucky enough to travel around the US and a small part of the world in my last 30 years. During this timeframe I have had many amazing interactions and a few creepy ones that lead to good stories. My creepiest encounter until Saturday night occurred in Tucson while in the military.

A group of my military friends and I went to a local bar in Tucson to have a few drinks. We picked an outside bar to take advantage of the beautiful night’s weather. While outside, we were greeted with the most graphic portrayal of man on man sex I have ever heard. This, as you can imagine, was quite disturbing. With a few choice words I politely asked the frail gay man to my left to quit with his in-depth discussion on consensual butt rape. He told me in a not so polite way to “F off” and continued this too-graphic account. I again asked for some tact in his storytelling only to get another finger. I finally leaned in, put my hand on his shoulder, and told him to shut his mouth or I was going to throw him off the porch.

My friend Jay thought it would be a funny idea to buy us a couple of shots. No not shots for Jay and I, but rather my little gay nemesis (LGN) and I. Jay bought little gay nemesis and I shots and told the bartender to say it was from me. LGN came over to apologize holding two shots that he thought I had purchased. I decided that a truce could be arranged and with everyone watching, he linked up arms like we were getting married and shoving cake in our faces (that’s sounds incredibly nasty in this context). I went with the flow and as I took the shot, I felt a hand grab my man parts. I promptly swallowed the shot, grabbed the hand in question, and grabbed the throat of the hand in question. LGN got slammed on the bar and if not for restraint, he may have ended up spending a couple of days in the hospital.

This was the creepiest interaction I had ever had in my life…until Saturday night. Read more…


valentines scmalentines

February 15, 2011 1 comment

It was funny to hear the rumblings in the office as February 14th rolled closer and closer. The people with significant others were often looking for advice on what to shop for, what to do for that special night, or just needed help in every aspect. Inside and outside the office, I could feel the mounting tension of the entire island of Manhattan. The feeling wasn’t the same for me this year either. I’m obviously in a different place than last year (I was in a relationship last year and this year I am not, plain and simple), but the singledom wasn’t what seemed different. It’s like my mood around the holiday suddenly became neutral, like I wasn’t even effected by the fact that on the most “romantic” day of the year, I could care less. I even laughed as I typed that, but it was so true.

I felt indifferent to the whole celebration. Indifferent to the red and pink hues everywhere. Indifferent to all the couples I watched stumble down the street and into the subway after my celebration of Valentine’s Day. I just laughed, muttered “look at these schmucks” a couple of times to myself, and carried on without a second thought. I hope this doesn’t make me a bitter old man because I actually like the whole Valentine’s Day thing. I don’t know if I agree with the monetization of the day or the expectations of romance every February 14th, but I like the idea of a day spent with a person you love. I don’t want to celebrate the holiday any more. I would rather it be a Tuesday in May when the birds are chirping and the sun is shining. Why not be romantic that day? Or why not be romantic on a beach in the summertime? Or why not cook a meal for that special lady on Friday night after a hard week’s work? That’s what I like to think of, but these are the words of a helpless romantic, and someone who could give two #2’s about Vday 2011. Read more…

back to normalcy

February 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Is proving harder than I thought. I love the fast-paced version of my life and sometimes get bored with going back to Hoboken or to work. I love my job, dont get it twisted, I just feel like things are too slow sometimes. I like the flying, the new destinations, the organizing, the pressure. I think I fill my life with all mayhem to stay hyperactive, to be consumed so that I dont have to think about much other than chaos. I realize that sounds strange, but when I am stagnant, I feel antsy, almost distressed like there isnt enough to do. I have a hard time just relaxing most times because even my “relaxing” can be out of control, fast-paced. I’m not even sure what “normal” is for me now. I have come to terms that it is a “new normal” but still adjusting to it all. Back to normalcy, wherever that is, should prove to be interesting.

old friend dinner

February 4, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s nice to see old friends after a long lapse in gracing each other’s presence. Tonight was one of those occasions. “Kicks” and I hadn’t really gotten to hang out in months, actually closer to a year, but we got to catch up over some dinner and drinks. It was more like drinks and conversation with some eats sprinkled in.

We sat down with all intentions of eating a good meal and ended up just drinking a couple of adult beverages and talking. All this was fine by me since it had been so long. We talked about life; how it gets in the way, how strange it all is, and how things change as we grow older. Not that 30 is old, but it does seem to be harder now to meet interesting people who you are truly compatible with. We talked about this as we both are single and wondering where life goes from here. I like the conversations that we have. It flows, it’s easy, nothing is forced, and it seems like I have known her for most of my life when in fact its only been four years.

It’s such a plus in the life to meet people who you vibe with. Most people have a few friends that they have known since childhood and still keep in touch with. I’ve been lucky to find and keep many people from scabby knees and grass stained times. I’ve also been lucky to meet some of my best friends in middle school and to keep them through my adult life. As we get older there are so many peripheral people in our lives, those fringe individuals that you know, but don’t really know. But then there are those that set themselves a part from the fringe and feel like childhood friends. Luckily kickball teams, skateboard companies, and veteran’s groups existed or exist in my life because many of the people I have met through these mediums will forever be called my friends, present company included. Read more…

pro couchsurfer

February 3, 2011 1 comment

I've got good form in this pic, and a good base tan too

I have pseudo-embraced the homeless lifestyle here in my third day of not knowing where I’m sleeping. In hindsight I probably should have just gone home to MD and spent time with my family and friends, but that isn’t the case. I have looked into the professional couchsurfing circuit many times previously, but never used it. I have always dreamed of a time where I could just buy a plane ticket to somewhere on the map and go. Spin that globe, close my eyes, and put my finger down. I realize that 2/3 may result in my choosing a place in the middle of a body of water, but instead of flying to the spot underneath the “A” in Atlantic, I’ll just spin again until I find a landmass.

From there I want to just buy the ticket and go. No hotel plans, I want to land in country and figure it out. There is a network of adventurous people who simply travel and sleep on strangers couches. These people are called couchsurfers and I am jealous of the completely random times that they must encounter. New people every day if they do it right, new experiences all throughout. How much more could you want? A place to crash for free, built-in chauffeurs and local tour guides who are tapped right into the underground hubs of their respective cities. These are the adventures that normal tourists don’t have access to and I want that. I would love to have a partner in crime for some debauchery in another country, but I don’t think that many of my friends would be down for sleeping on stranger’s couches. Many of them watched the horror movie Hostel and rethought their vacation choices not wanting to be hacked into pieces or kidnapped. Plus some of them are germaphobes which wouldn’t work out either. Who knows what’s happened in the life of that couch, but that doesn’t bother me too much. I’ll just try not to think about it and I’ll pray that I don’t wake up in a tub filled with ice and no kidney. Read more…


February 2, 2011 1 comment

Well I’m not really homeless, like living on the street, but I am without a place to call my own for a couple days thanks to our new place of residence having some weird rules. Instead of moving in on 1 Feb, the first of the month, like normal apartment complexes, we have to endure a 5-7 day period of limbo. Not excited, but then again, its another adventure for the books.

All my belongings are in a storage rental spot or in Chris’ place (thanks) so I am officially without a home. Let’s see how this week goes. It could be worse. I could be sleeping outside, but then again I don’t know where I am laying my head each night so that could happen. Raise your glasses! Here’s to not having a plan!

I wish I could live at x games

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

I don’t really care which one, either Summer or Winter will suffice. This being my first Winter X, I am emphatuated, but Summer has my heart because the weather is more my speed and I love me some Pacific Ocean time. I could give up the LA portion of it for Aspen anytime because I feel LA tries too hard for the most part. I know that offends the LA crowd, but I cannot help but feel the city is just trying to be NYC with a palm tree/gangsta twist.

Dont get me wrong, I always have a blast, but its only because the X Games is there. Oh and my friends Sean and Red Brother. Those guys make it a good time no matter what city we are in. LA though is lost on me. Back to X Games. If I could live there, I may eventually have to have heart valves replaced from the adrenaline that courses through my vascular. Since living at the X Games is impossible, I just need to run the adrenaline circuit and follow around Red Bulls X Fighters, the ASP tour, and Rally America. Maybe that is the way to go.

These types of opportunities are too far a part and I need to get more of my adrenaline fill more often. Hopefully this can happen as I continue on the path to working with Adaptive Action Sports. They have provided so many opportunities to action junkies that are permanently disabled and to me. I cant wait to see where all this goes. AAS is going to be a game changer for our injured/wounded veterans and I am ecstatic that I get to be included in the building of it.

Ill miss you X Games. See you in late July, early August. Soon after landing in LAX, I will be on my way to one of my favorite places in the entire world. A place at the end of LAX’s main flight path where I can watch the planes come. A place that rhymes with Sin N Doubt. Check out my other love affair here, Ode to In-N-Out.