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time lapse

I haven’t been writing in awhile and every day this bugs me. I have been thinking about it the mornings a lot after leaving the subway or at lunch time or lying in bed like right now. I am not sure where there has been such a lapse in time because I always feel guilty about NOT writing. I love to write, it makes me feel good. I feel almost cleansed, for lack of a better term, when I am finished writing. Even if its some rant about my shoelaces coming untied or burning my hand on the hot stove again…it just feels good to write.

I have a couple of small storyboard outlines written for Chocolate Milk Cow (the kid’s book I have been dreaming of writing) but have not moved any farther than that. I go through the day, accomplish the tasks I need at work, then look for any excuse to be around people. I stayed an extra hour plus today to drink a nice glass of 16 year old scotch with the membership crew at IAVA and finished out a strong day.

Today was a good day from the jump. I got up before 0700 for a 3 mile run, watched some Sportscenter, made a chocolate protein shake with an egg white omelet, then walked to get an amazing haircut. (Originally I typed in “fab haircut” not sure where that came from.) Walked to work in the sunshine, downloaded some new music, chucked some angry birds, and made it to work. Maybe a little too chipper in the office, but all around awesome day. Good conversations with people, clearing out the usual tasks, and even making little Jason’s day by working out a tasker in San Fran. A couple gchats with new friends that are cut from the same mold, one glass of scotch, then bounce out the door and into the NYC night. I even walked home in Hoboken. The night cap was a must see movie called, “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.” Yes, like the children’s story. It’s hilarious and made for adult humor. This is the third time I have watched. Indulge, it feels good.

I just wanted to write something, anything to get me back in the groove. My only resolution this year was to write in this blog every day. It only took a little over 2 months for that to collapse like the dreams in Inception (seen it 6x and just bought the soundtrack). I have to get back into this because its what I love. It’s time for commitment, one of the words I am scared of the most (jokes). I’m getting back into what makes me feel good…this.

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