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It was funny to hear the rumblings in the office as February 14th rolled closer and closer. The people with significant others were often looking for advice on what to shop for, what to do for that special night, or just needed help in every aspect. Inside and outside the office, I could feel the mounting tension of the entire island of Manhattan. The feeling wasn’t the same for me this year either. I’m obviously in a different place than last year (I was in a relationship last year and this year I am not, plain and simple), but the singledom wasn’t what seemed different. It’s like my mood around the holiday suddenly became neutral, like I wasn’t even effected by the fact that on the most “romantic” day of the year, I could care less. I even laughed as I typed that, but it was so true.

I felt indifferent to the whole celebration. Indifferent to the red and pink hues everywhere. Indifferent to all the couples I watched stumble down the street and into the subway after my celebration of Valentine’s Day. I just laughed, muttered “look at these schmucks” a couple of times to myself, and carried on without a second thought. I hope this doesn’t make me a bitter old man because I actually like the whole Valentine’s Day thing. I don’t know if I agree with the monetization of the day or the expectations of romance every February 14th, but I like the idea of a day spent with a person you love. I don’t want to celebrate the holiday any more. I would rather it be a Tuesday in May when the birds are chirping and the sun is shining. Why not be romantic that day? Or why not be romantic on a beach in the summertime? Or why not cook a meal for that special lady on Friday night after a hard week’s work? That’s what I like to think of, but these are the words of a helpless romantic, and someone who could give two #2’s about Vday 2011.

I find the ladies or they find me, it’s a whirlwind and then I get pooped on. Not by all of them, only a select few, but this isn’t being written to throw a pity party for one, just a statement. (As I write in this monopoly of a coffee shop, “Allison” by Elvis Costello plays. Needless to say, it has history. Music can be a cruel reminder, ha.) I just can’t seem to find someone who can keep up. They either get burned out or the chemistry just isn’t there. Maybe match.com is in my future. I have some friends that are cleaning up on there apparently.

My Vday was spent with some friends from work and I have to say it was quite lovely. No pressure here. No expectations. Just a bunch of single people embracing singledom and glasses of Glenlivet. I had 9 fingers of Glen to be exact (if you like Anchorman, you know what I’m saying) The conversation was outstanding, the scene was just what we were looking for, and my chicken basket dinner really hit the spot. I had big plans of having some whisky (check), sitting on a leather couch (modified to be a leather bar chair, check), having a steak (modified to a chicken basket with fries, check) and smoking a cigar (skipped it, uncheck). Everything I wanted in the night came true, with some modifications of course, but nonetheless, I was extra pleased. The company was exactly what I craved and it was exactly what I got.

We passed nearly four hours in Mulligan’s on 40 and Madison, and the exes only came up twice in conversation. That’s a good talk. As we went our separate ways, Mickey D’s came up in convo and to everyone’s astonishment I revealed that I have never eaten a McNugget (that I can remember). Everyone reacted like I had never ridden a bike, learned how to swim, or spoke a different language. I laughed in amazement as all my work friends tried to convince me that I needed to go across the street and pick up a six piece. I passed because I really just like their cheeseburgers, said goodbye to everyone and was on my way. Little did I know that the Arches had an insidious hold on my brain at beer30 in the morning and just before getting to my train, I passed by Ronald’s house. I didn’t even hesitate. I stepped through those doors and placed my order…for a cheeseburger. No Nugs tonight, it’s not time to break the seal on that one just yet. Maybe with MFK in the future, but who knows.

I got these cheeseburgers man!

I posted this pic on Facebook with the title “Happy Vday Catt Molvin.” It garnered quite a response and showcased how awesome my night was.

  1. February 15, 2011 at 20:11

    I plan to celebrate all holidays from this point forward whole heartedly… I’m going to paint myself up like a an American Flag for flag day. You want in on some of that action.

    P.S. maybe it isn’t the girls’ fault they can’t keep up. Maybe you need to slow down a little.

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