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back to normalcy

Is proving harder than I thought. I love the fast-paced version of my life and sometimes get bored with going back to Hoboken or to work. I love my job, dont get it twisted, I just feel like things are too slow sometimes. I like the flying, the new destinations, the organizing, the pressure. I think I fill my life with all mayhem to stay hyperactive, to be consumed so that I dont have to think about much other than chaos. I realize that sounds strange, but when I am stagnant, I feel antsy, almost distressed like there isnt enough to do. I have a hard time just relaxing most times because even my “relaxing” can be out of control, fast-paced. I’m not even sure what “normal” is for me now. I have come to terms that it is a “new normal” but still adjusting to it all. Back to normalcy, wherever that is, should prove to be interesting.

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