old friend dinner

It’s nice to see old friends after a long lapse in gracing each other’s presence. Tonight was one of those occasions. “Kicks” and I hadn’t really gotten to hang out in months, actually closer to a year, but we got to catch up over some dinner and drinks. It was more like drinks and conversation with some eats sprinkled in.

We sat down with all intentions of eating a good meal and ended up just drinking a couple of adult beverages and talking. All this was fine by me since it had been so long. We talked about life; how it gets in the way, how strange it all is, and how things change as we grow older. Not that 30 is old, but it does seem to be harder now to meet interesting people who you are truly compatible with. We talked about this as we both are single and wondering where life goes from here. I like the conversations that we have. It flows, it’s easy, nothing is forced, and it seems like I have known her for most of my life when in fact its only been four years.

It’s such a plus in the life to meet people who you vibe with. Most people have a few friends that they have known since childhood and still keep in touch with. I’ve been lucky to find and keep many people from scabby knees and grass stained times. I’ve also been lucky to meet some of my best friends in middle school and to keep them through my adult life. As we get older there are so many peripheral people in our lives, those fringe individuals that you know, but don’t really know. But then there are those that set themselves a part from the fringe and feel like childhood friends. Luckily kickball teams, skateboard companies, and veteran’s groups existed or exist in my life because many of the people I have met through these mediums will forever be called my friends, present company included.

It was sad to hear about her struggles and the fact that such a beautiful person could feel lost. I know that feeling all too well, but have managed to find some sort of direction though it may seem scattered to the lay person. She is so accomplished at such a young age, but may not see all that she has going on for the personal turmoil in her life. At times I wish I was like her; hardworking, persistent, goal-oriented, and driven to one goal. I have some of those traits at times, but I’m also not as focused. I’m a little jealous to be honest.

A FRENCH FRY SHOP! heaven in a greasy paper cone

One drink turned into a couple more and we forgot about dinner for a couple of hours. Before we knew it, it was getting late and nachos seemed like the only answer to our stomachs’ calls for food. Boy did those nachos answer the call. The plate was too big and piled too high with the beef, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole, and deep friend jalapenos for two people but we attempted it. After putting down nearly all those amazing nachos at Hoboken Bar and Grill, the yawning commenced and we couldn’t stop laughing at how old we were getting. We decided to sack up, leave HBAG (Ha, that’s a funny acronym) and go hang out with youngens at Black Bear. Every other place had lines out the wazzoo so this was our only choice besides bedtime. Jameson on the rocks three times over and we were feeling much more peppy. The bar was like a guido college club which provided us with plenty to observe and talk about.

This went on for another hour or so then we decided to call it quits…but not until we had eaten some Pomme Frites from the place aptly named Pomme Frites next door to Black Bear on Washington Street in Hoboken. Pomme Frites means french fries for all you non-language knowing peeps out there. It’s a french fry shop equipped with different sauces! Wait, let me reiterate. ITS A FRENCH FRY SHOP! Perfect late night grub to soak up some of that hangover that is inevitable in the AM. Wasabi mayo and frites was the perfect end to the night. I wish I hadn’t eaten there because this will obviously be a favorite stop of mine from here on out. I’m part Irish after all and you know how we love our potatoes! We went our separate ways after feeding our faces and I feel confident that there are more of these fun nights to come with Kicks.

Keep your head up Kicks. You have too much to offer this world to be doubting your place in it. Looking forward to getting together for Jameson on the rocks again soon and more conversation of our fleeting youth, ha.

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