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x games day 4

last run to the top

After what turned out to be an EPIC night, the last day of X was going to top it. We (AAS) had our two events that day, Adaptive Snowcross (snowmobile) and Adaptive Snowboarder X (down the same course as the pros), and were full of energy going in.

It almost seems a blur now, trying to recall the days events because they came so quickly and it was jammed into such a small window of time. Snowcross was the first event and Daniel Gale announced the action as it went off. This was the third year for this event in X Games so many of the racers had been there before. What’s even better is that there was a purse this time for the athletes, just one more incentive to go out there and kick butt. I wish I could have watched but I was needed up at the starting gate for Snowboarder X. Up the mountain, snowboard down, film some of the athletes, then pack up the camera, snowboard down, fight with security because they didnt let me through, act LIKE A BOSS and make it into the finish line anyway, film the race, mess up the finish of the race by whiting it out in the sun, film some more, and done.

The day was so fast paced. Like I said a blur. Seemed like it went by too fast. I loved to see the smiles on Amy and Daniel’s faces as we all came together for a hug and our signature double handed high ten, “Live! Beyond! Limits!” is the motto and part of our handshake. Loved every second of this.

Left to right; Evan Strong, Tyler Mosher, Dan Monzo, Mike Shea, Keith Deutsch and Ian Lockey.

We had just accomplished something historic. Something truly monumental for all those involved. The X Games is legit, for those of you that dont know. Yes, it’s a spectacle, but it’s also the proving grounds for many top tier athletes. This Adaptive Snowboarder X was an exhibition, but we received such huge praise for the event that there is already talk of it being a medaled event next year. Dont quote me on that, but we will take it!! This is so huge for the amputee community, the adaptive community, and all of our veterans that fought for this country and gave a little more than others. This is a stepping stone to the Paralympics in Sochi, Russia in 2014! This is history and I am so grateful to be a small part of it. The things that AAS does never ceases to amaze me, and I look forward to taking this to the next level from here on out.

That night, the rest of the week finally had caught up to us. We tried to muster up the gumption to go out, but it just wasnt going to happen. Instead, we played Catch Phrase and continued to laugh at the antics of our friends. We just hung out, shot the poop, and reveled in the week that had come and gone so quickly.

thank the Lord they know their way around snow

Off to sleep for a couple hours and then out the door to Denver for our flights. It was a fun car ride, as I expected, and productive as we talked about ideas for the future and how to keep the momentum rolling. Amy and Evan Strong were off to France for the first Adaptive World Cup in country and Daniel and I got to go back home. It was white out in Denver, but luckily they know how to handle weather.

I checked in with 15 minutes to spare and once on the plane I proceeded to catch flies. In other words, mouth open, awkward sleep, possibly snorting for all to hear. Glad this went down bc there was a diaper rashed baby in front of me and I didnt need any part of that. Eyes shut in Denver, eyes open in Newark. Welcome home weary traveler, welcome home.

  1. February 7, 2011 at 20:45

    I tried really hard to understand this, but Xtreme sports talk is like Chinese to me.
    Teach me!

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