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“top of the world” party

welcome to the top

If you don’t run in the action sports crowd, you may think that these types of parties are for amateurs, but you would be seriously mistaken. Between Monster Energy and RedBull, you just don’t get in to these parties. There is no amount of schmooze that you can accomplish at the door to just waltz in. I know, because we have whiffed on plenty of opportunities to get into these venues, but were lucky enough to get the invite here in Aspen.

“Top of the World” party was aptly named because it was a 20 minute gondola ride to the top of Aspen where the party was being held in the main lodge. The gondola ride in itself was fun because we were all amped at the night ahead of us, but also because the stars were out shining bright over the whole city. 20 minutes seems like forever when there are 6 “kids” packed into a sardine can waiting for their surprise. As we reached the top, we shared a collective deep breath and prepped ourselves for a night under the green lights.

have you seen my face? I think I danced it off, so its gotta be around here somewhere...

We were a little early but wanted to establish ourselves. VIP bracelets and all access granted. We talked to some top athletes like Nate Holland and others while bumping to good beats and just marveling at the week were having. It was all smiles from the gondola on and only got better when the act 51Fifty came on. (I linked to their FB page because their site takes a while to load. If you wanna sample their stuff, check it out here.) 51Fifty (police code for a lunatic) is comprised of a DJ and Drummer combo like I have never seen live before. Their drummer was absolutely lights out amazing. I have never seen Travis Barker in person, but I know his skills and this guy was approaching rock star status with his beats. He absolutely shred apart those drums. The DJ was just as good, scratching and mixing rhymes that would have made my friend WalkStar proud. It was only topped off by the tatted go-go girl dancing her face off. I don’t know how she did it when I could barely breathe after dancing around for five minutes. She crushed it for two 45 minute sets without breaking a sweat. I just could not adjust to the soupy, altitudey air like she did. Maybe I needed to wear a Monster swimsuit and tiny booty skirt to breath easier. Next time.

This party rivaled the best clubs I have ever gotten into. I have been to some ultra exclusive places here NYC like the Box, I’ve rocked out in Austin TX, and I know what I’m doing in Vegas, but this was just something next level to me. I need to get a job throwing these kinds of parties OR just attend more of them. The latter is more my speed because I cannot imagine how much work goes into something of this caliber when I know how hard our parties were to pull off and they only had 500 people in there.

Amy, Daniel, and I danced our way to the front of the stage and just rocked out for the remainder of the party. It seemed like it couldn’t get much better, but that all changed with the gondola ride back down. With 20 minutes to kill and lots of drinks consumed, there was nothing to do except sing and dance some more while dangling over 100 feet in the air. Wasnt scary then, but seems a little unnerving now as I write this. Oh well. We fogged up the entire 5 by 5 foot area so the windows came open and to my surprise, you could stick your head out. Once again I got transported back to flights over Afghanistan because the night was so clear, the stars were shining so bright, and the constellation Orion was there for it all. No real flash back, just a memory and then back to the fun.

Daniel decided to get into the action with this head out the window and began his best impression of bird calls. I joined in along with everyone in the car and we howled. I was tearing up at how funny we sounded and then Daniel came off the top rope with the best part of the night. “This must be what Santa Clause feels like” was his observation as we neared the lower end of our ride where the gondola passes over Aspen’s houses. I immediately broke into my Santa Clause impression, “HO,HO,HO” that got everyone dying. Then from a part of my childhood I didn’t think I remembered I belted out “On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, and Vixen. On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner, and Blitzen…but do you recall…the most famous reindeer of all?” You know the rest and so did everyone else in the gondola! Shouting out the windows at the top of our lungs through all the choruses. It was by far the highlight of the night and something that will never be lost to me.

What an amazing night. EPIC is the only way to describe it. The AAS crew would have to agree.

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