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big boi in aspen

Free Big Boi

After a long day on Buttermilk, we cruised back home where everyone crashed. 530 came too soon and I almost didn’t get motivated enough to get up for a free concert with Big Boi from Outkast (I really must be getting old)! Somehow I mustered up the strength to have a good time and the apartment lit up with what was about to happen. The weather wasnt too bad outside and as we left our doors, we could already hear the booming B-A-S-S bass! I immediately felt rejuvenated and was so glad to have gotten up off the couch.

The venue was packed from all sides and clear up onto the hill of Aspen. A small stage with plenty of vantage points to see the concert. Big Boi was just how I remembered him from 11 years ago. Makes me sound really old, but that concert will live on in my memory for all time. Kevin and I took my little brother to his first concert at 16 where Outkast, Ludacris (his first tour), and Goodie Mob (before Cee-Lo created Gnarls Barkley) played. I will forever remember three things from the concert:
1) Kevin turning to spit, but planting one in a girl’s hair, then her BF trying to start poop.
2) Outkast playing for nearly 4 hours, amazing.
3) 16-year-old Brandon with three or four girls on his shoulders flashing Outkast. His little eyes lit up like Christmas and I knew I was the best brother ever. You’re welcome lil broham.

The two concerts cant compare to one another, but this one was just as amazing because of all else that was going on. I mean how can you top X Games into a free Big Boi concert in Aspen under the stars and then onto the Monster Energy “top of the World” party? It would be pretty hard for a nonceleb like me. Big Boi bumped old tracks like “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” all the way through his new album with gems like “Shutterbug” and “Fo Yo Sorrows.” The latter ended up getting the crowd pumped because I recently found out that Colorado has legalized medical marijuana and many of the attendees must have had prescriptions for their glaucoma or arthritis. We jumped up and down feeling the music and from that first bass hit to my chest, I was rejuvenated, ready for the beginning of an epic night.

I don’t like using the word epic because it harkens back to stoners, surfer brodads, and hipster brooklynites, but in this case I knew this was the proper usage of the term. EPIC night begins now.

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