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x games day 3

Last night was interesting to say the least, but 3.5 hours of sleep doesn’t do well for being on the hill at 8a. 615 wake up on the couch and yell “it’s too damn early for this!” To the mountain by 7a for our meeting and then up the lift. The mountain is amazing any part of the day, but in the morning, it’s just perfect. Especially when there are only 15 people on the mountain with you. It felt like I was riding my own private run. Pretty sick.

I filmed the adaptive snowboarder X this morning and got to see all the athletes killing it. It’s so awesome to be on the course where the top athletes in the world compete. I got to ride a portion of the course the first day, but tomorrow I am absolutely rolling the entire course. It’ll be easy goes it, but at least I will have that under my belt.

After practice was over, Amy, Tash, and I went over to Snowmass (another mountain) to ride with wounded veteran Josh who is a double below the knee amputee and still rides faster than me. I need to grow a pair and haul ass tomorrow for our last day on the hill. The amount of people on this mountain was ridiculous. There were kids throwing themselves all over the snow, old people skiing at a Sunday’s pace, and tiny little ones on strings learning to ride. It was just too packed so we only pulled off one run on Mass then decided to bounce. A funny thing about me is that I sometimes get in a groove and just ride, not thinking about too much. In this moment in time, I decided to bypass our stopping point and ride all the way to the lift. Our car was uphill about a half mile and I had to walk it out in snowboard boots. At one point, I counted 278 steps that I had to go up, but that was when I decided to START counting. It took me almost a half hour to walk to the truck and I was dying in this bright sunshine.

Back to Aspen and I was ready for bed. I’m so glad that we had a slow day today and could get back to the condo to just lounge some. Not lounge so much because we had to prepare for Big Boi of Outkast fame. I need a nap so bad, but in the immortal words of Cody Wilton quoting Tyra Banks, “I just have to model through this!” Tonight is going to be heavy. I cannot wait!

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