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x games day 2

good morning Aspen.

The second day in Aspen was just as beautiful as the first. Bright sunny skies and just cold enough to keep the snow rideable without icing. We finally got to hit a couple runs and I was lucky enough to slide down half the mountain on my ass. Ok not really half the mountain, but enough of it that my ego was bruised several times yesterday and my shoulder is sore today from picking myself up. I just can’t judge this heelside carve as well as my toeside, guess that’s what I’m working on again today.

Oh and apparently I ride like a surfer down the hill, so says three ladies that crush me on snowboards. I can’t even claim surfer style since I am not really a surfer either, but these fine ladies told me that is how I roll. I’m not against ladies giving me advice, especially since they charge harder than I do right now…oh and then have prosthetics legs on. Yeah, they are that sick and I need all the help I can get.

I only got two runs in yesterday so that equals three times on the mountain this year, it can only go up from here. Hopefully I can get 3-4 in today if our timing permits. I really need to get more comfortable on the board before Sunday when all our events go off. Cant be falling all over the place if snow bunnies and pro athletes are around. I’m a grown ass man, I need to snowboard like one!

I finally got to meet all the AAS and Adaptive athletes and just like I expected, they were all so stand up guys and gals. I love their attitude because they are nothing but smiles and are ready to show off their skills here at X. The attitude is contagious and their hard charging determination would make anyone want to try harder in anything they do. Infectious is what I would call it. I think that’s the perfect term for this.

We held the team meeting to go over the course of action for the weekend, rules for the events, and introductions. After the meeting then on to pre-run the snowboarder X course and watch the athletes practice the drop in. Pretty intense scene when you are standing on the top of an 8 foot drop with 2 feet of vert, then into the rhythm section and the first double. Speed seems to be the only way to get through the course without casing, so we are hoping the athletes point downhill and go. We slipped part of the course and I would love to take a go at part of this monster with no one except for medical around. It looks amazing with all the jump features and the high banked walls.

After slipping part of the course, Amy and I sat down on the side of the slope style course and watched people hucking big air. It’s amazing to see the super boarders hitting rail features and then on to major gaps. Front row seats to some of the craziest jumps you can imagine. This is exactly what makes this trip for me…well, this and the fact that AAS is growing so rapidly.

Throughout the day we were able to talk to major players in the snow industry about AAS’s new initiative “Veterans in Action.” That’s what we are calling the veterans division of AAS which I will hopefully be a big part in. Jason from USASA (USA Snowboard Association) talked to us for a long time about how Adaptive is coming up and what they can do to make this next year bigger. It was a great opportunity to grease the wheels of positive change. I love being privy to this.

bottom of the pipe

To end the day we rolled into halfpipe qualifiers to watch the major players set down runs. We walked right up to the medical area and settled in. Front row seats to the show, amazing. I hope that we can get into the same section for the finals on Sunday because then you might get to see my pretty face on the tv. I think television needs more of me. I’m entitled to my own opinion here on this one.

Back home and right into the hot tub with a couple of Silver Bullets to ease into the night. We joined Lacy, another X vendor, in the hot tub and exchanged pleasantries. A couple of minutes later, a familiar face rolled into the party as well. Aaron, who Chris and I met at Surf Expo is here and we had a good laugh about the small world we run in. #1 fact about Aaron is that he won the cheese race in Whistler last year and England decided to not run it because it was too dangerous, so Aaron is the cheese chasing master of the world for 2010. No big deal.

Back up in the condo and more athletes and friends had rolled in. It was nice to be able to sit down, have a couple of beverages and just shoot the poo. It’s such a great core group and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

One more tidbit, my military issued thermals make it look like I have lady parts. The opening hole in the front for gentlemen to urinate through looks like a vagina so naturally I made up a dance and sang the vagina pants song at the top of my lungs. Not sure if it’s a Billboard top 100, but guaranteed it’s a YouTube sensation. After tapping the Rockies a little more I may let someone video tape this.

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