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butte to aspen

maybe winter isnt so bad

The altitude up here has been messing with my sinuses the entire time and I am not the only one. Everyone else is feeling dehydrated and stuffy. I feel like I have to work to breathe sometimes and sleeping has been harder than normal though I am more tired up here. Its like breathing soupy air, that’s the only way I can describe the feeling.

I can’t really complain when I think about what I have already done since being here and what I am about to get into tonight when we reach Aspen. We are all packed right now, the truck is warming up and we are almost ready to head out through this pass to Aspen. First is going to be a quick stop off in town to walk through some of the stores and then onward hoe. Another bluebird day here. If this weather keeps up, I may extend my travels for a couple months to really get into snowboarding the way it was meant to be. Winter sucks in general and I am notoriously bad with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but who could be sad out here on days like these?

Tonight I get my first glimpse at Winter X!!! I am so thankful for these opportunities, the way I get to live my life right now, and for the people that I get to befriend along the way. Thanks to all those that help make this possible for me.

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