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crested butte day 1

the Butte on the drive inDriving 5-6 hours from Denver, we reached Crested Butte around 630p and just in time to watch the Jets game. Our first stop was “Talk of the Town” where AAS’s friend Koeppe (Kep) works and just hung around to watch the game. Hunger set in and we decided on some sushi for dinner so Lobar, an underground hipster-style club that looked like it was uprooted right from the Brooklyn trend scene, was our choice. They had live Jazz music and the atmosphere was a good one. Some sushi to the dome and talks of strategy for the coming couple of days leading into X Games made the night.

We partied down so hard in Denver that Daniel and I were pretty much wastes of space. The altitude is no joke here either people. Even running back and forth across the street from Lobar to Talk (where the game was on) really took its toll on me. It felt like I had smoked a pack of cigs and this was not the case. Today’s indoctrination to 12,000 ft and Rocky Mountain powder is going to be an interesting one.. The size of this mountain is immense and slightly intimidating considering that I have only played on kiddy hills on the east coast, well except for Okemo in VT.

We are basing out of Kep’s place right now before leaving tomorrow morning for Aspen. Bags laid out all over the house, people and beds laid out all over the house; I could not be more excited for this day! I woke up just as the sun was peeking over Crested Butte South and watched it for a while so today is going to be a good day. Another sunrise, another new experience, and more fun with truly exceptional people AND its “bluebird” outside. Google it.

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