I read Seth Godin’s “Linchpin” the entire flight thanks to My Friend Katie so the flight was an easy and productive one. But upon final descent into Denver, I had a flashback to the descent into Bagram AB Afghanistan while looking out the window. At twilight, the terrain in the immediate flight path resembled everything that Bagram descent did. Same dim, sporadic lights littering the ground, the mountains in the distance, and just enough light to barely see the incoming ground. All this tied together to throw me right back into the window of the EC130 over a combat zone. I felt compelled to measure DME to reference points and watch for muzzle flashes or possible missile launches in case I had to call the pilot for maneuvers. This has never happened to me before out of the hundred civilian flights I have been on, but everything just came back to me as I looked out the window. I’m not crazy…I might be…up for debate.

downtown Denver

I rolled into Denver Airport around 6 and was greeted by a bearded version of Daniel from AAS. After a double-take, we laughed, gave each other a big hug, loaded up our gear and proceeded into town to meet up with some of his friends for dinner. We popped into a cool local tavern to meet A-ron and Willow for beers, volcano burgers, and beers. After the meal ended we went back to A-ron’s house to start the night off. Some Jameson, trampoline action, PBRs, and more Jameson got us going while Immortal Technique on Pandora set the vibe.

I love hanging around with Daniel and Amy’s friends because everyone I meet just seems genuinely interested in people, so that includes me. Everyone of them has been some welcoming in giving me access to their core group which I love. It always feels like I have been along for the ride the entire time with them, not like I’m the third, fifth, seventh wheel. We joked about the two-story bottle of lotion that A-ron had on his side table, we joked about how their dog was a slut for beer and would paw at my bottle every time she wanted a taste. We joked and went around the horn with James until he was only half of his former self. We joked…

I highly recommend if you are rolling into Denver

It got late so we left A-ron’s place to check into our hotel called the Curtis. This place is funky fresh and has the alternative vibe that leaves you feeling refreshed instead of stuffy like most nightly rental establishments. I would liken it to the Custom in LA where we stayed for Summer X the past couple years. Its inviting, each floor is themed (we stayed on the Laugh Out Loud floor ironically), AND you get a warm chocolate chip cookie upon check in, WHAT??!!

After setting out bags down, it was straight out to see what Denver downtown is all about. I have to say that I was shocked right off the bat. I didn’t know what I thought

I will judge all hotels by the standard set by the Curtis from here on

about Denver as a city, its people, the scene, but after walking only a couple blocks I knew I was coming back to explore this place further. Velvet ropes, high heels and long legs (yeah in 30 degree weather I might add), expensive cars and great music. We stopped in the first place that didn’t have a line around the corner and this ended up being our post up for the remainder of the night.

We had a clear path to the bar and were met directly by the barkeep, Hairball. Hairball was an interesting character wearing a transformers T so he was automatically cool in my book. The DJ was spinning videos and easily rivaled anyone I had seen in NYC doing the same gig. He played what he liked and I liked what he played. Needless to say that the mood was a good one and I felt compelled to dance my face off. Not on the bar this time, but still a blast nonetheless. The Denver Dougie might have gone down and maybe it was the altitude but I feel like that was the Dougie of my lifetime, others agreed.

It was great to just hang out, not have to fight for a drink, dance and catch up. Shane, Daniel’s friend was an absolute riot the entire night, riding his bike first to A-ron’s and then to the hotel where he promptly locked it up outside to a tree. I just could not help but laugh as he rolled around with this spelunking light on his head. At the bar, it just seemed like we had all hung forever and I am so grateful to have been invited in.

Leaving the bar, we went to the hotel, where Shane unchained his bike to ride all the way home. Too funny. Daniel and I ended up crashing hard, then went to pick up Amy at the airport in the morning. 830a came too quickly, but we needed to get on the road.

This pic doesnt do it justice. Great eats in Denver

We ate at this amazing place called Watercourse Foods where we had grilled veges topped with breakfast gravy and over easy eggs. It was a great meal and much-needed bc I may not have made it through the day. My first experience with altitude hangover was not a pretty one. Dramamine went well and I am ashamed to have admitted to using it especially after all the flying I have done in my days with the military. This day was different though and without the D I would have been green for sure.

Denver is definitely on my list for another visit, but I think I will be preparing myself a little better because I am still not my normal self. “Normal.”

  1. January 24, 2011 at 21:59

    I read this whole thing and giggled at the Denver Dougie BUT I am mad. Why weren’t you reading Adam? Rude!
    kidding. glad you’re having fun

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