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856 minutes til takeoff

they only had white on sale, I swear

Can you tell I’m excited? Well I am. I’m going to be popping my powder cherry in a couple of days and I can NOT be more excited. It’s all I have been thinking about this week so I would like to apologize if I seemed a little out of it or nodded in agreement too much as I was somewhere else. Dreaming of getting blasted in the face with real Rocky Mountain snow. I packed too much stuff, but I have no idea what’s ahead of me. Multiple days of riding, going out at night, Denver, Crested Butte, Aspen, and X Games. This is going to absolutely make my winter. This and if the Jets win the Super Bowl bc NYC will be rocking.

Brand new “too white” boots? check (these might get spray painted while I’m there.)
Brand new Burton Custom V Rocker never been ridden? check
Blue plaid goretex pants? yup!
Grey goretex pants so I don’t get made fun of the whole trip? check
Helmet? Like I would forget this with how I ride, si!
Goggles, hats, gloves, socks, undies? check times 5
Health insurance card? of course
Boner? Since I booked my ticket, check. Cialis commercial recommends calling a doc after four hours, it’s been 13 days!

Tomorrow just needs to get here. I didn’t sleep well last night and then had a rough counseling session today so I haven’t had my head in the game. It’s time to sleep this day away, my eyes have been heavy for hours. Please let there be sleep in my future.

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