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my life fits in 8 boxes

29.25 cubic feet of "me"

I remember coming into the military with nothing but literally the clothes on my back (a set of Tims, sweatpants which I thought was a good idea in San Antonio in September, and a gray T-shirt). I eventually earned a couple of uniforms; one blue and one camouflage. In the years after I would blow a $16,000 bonus on a 1,200 watt, concrete-rattling stereo that lit my Civic up blue and was eventually stolen by Mexicans from Kinko’s while Cody was signing divorce papers. Slightly embarrassing. 16Gs also went to a sweet, poolside BBQ celebration of my apparent wealth along with a thousand beers for my bros and drinks for pretty ladies. I made a lot of friends during this period, wonder why?

Basically after that, I had nothing all over again. I grew up a little after playing “baller” for a couple of months and then decided it was time to start accumulating items that I “needed” in life. TV, sofa, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, computer, PS2, cali king double pillow top heavenly bed, and some other things. All through the rest of my career I used these things, but upon leaving to return to civilian life, I stored or sold much of it and was again left with nothing.

I had enough clothes to wear for a couple of weeks, some changes of undies and socks, a longboard, and a blow up mattress. I blew up my bed each night and placed it in front of the loft’s wood stove to stay warm. In the morning while being able to see my breath, I would have to have to tear it all down and get ready to paint skateboards. For nearly 4 months I did this through the winter of 2007-2008. I finally earned a room sometime there after for working with Bustin and again begin accumulating things. Upon leaving Bustin, I again gutted much of my life and now here I am a year later with 8 Tupperware containers and a bed.

Sometimes I wish I just had a backpack full of essentials…and that’s all. I’m no hippy people, far from it. I love amenities. I love technology, I love the ease of life NYC affords BUT I could also leave it all for sand in my toes. I was just thinking back to a time when I was willing to pack my entire life in a backpack, move to Costa Rica, teach beginner surf and clean the lodge at Safari Surf on CR’s west coast. Flippy floppies, board shorts, a couple of Ts, sunglasses, and sunscreen…I’m set. No rent, no cash, just working for my “living.” I do wish I went to Costa Rica at some point bc I had it all planned out, but then bought into Bustin and began two years of craziness. No regrets here, it lead me to where I am today. Wherever that is. But its a great path, filled with great adventures, and even greater people.

I looked around the apt and thought I had more, but that’s not the case. 8 containers may turn into 9 when the bathroom and kitchen are packed, but that’s all. I might try to cut it down even further. My life weighs under 500 el bees. (lbs – pounds) I feel good about that.

  1. February 7, 2011 at 20:51

    when you said you had a California king, I wanted to marry you. Then you said something about a blow up mattress and I cried a little. I spent some time on one myself, not fun.

    You have lived quite a life. I want to hear more… I’ll buy you a beer and you can start talking.

    • February 7, 2011 at 21:07

      Note to self, women want to marry you when you have cali king beds.
      Note to self 2, re-buy cali king bed tomorrow

      I do like a good beer…and I like to talk

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