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sunny side of the street

Yes, I do have to do this most times. "L is for left." Thanks for the reminder, Hand.

I think that title really speaks to who I am, but I had never thought about this before living in the NYC area. Apparently it rains more on average here than in Seattle (considered one of the most depressing cities in the country, though I loved it there. Great beer joints, the original Starbucks for what that’s worth, and flying fish.) but I feel like we get a good amount of sun as well for being in this weird weather zone. It’s not the 300 days of sunshine that Tucson can claim, I miss that weather, but I think NYC holds its own for being in the northeast. That being said, one flaw in New York’s majesty is the fact that the buildings are SO tall that many times you cannot even see or feel the sun while walking through the city. Many times you have to look straight up, literally, straight up to see the sky. But there are times of the day that the sun shines through the gaps in the skyscrapers and us city goers are allowed to walk in the sun.

I know this probably sounds weird to people reading this that live anywhere else other than NYC, but sunlight on your face comes at a premium unless you are in Central Park or in a gap between midtown and downtown, or you are out in one of the other boroughs. I realize that nearly everywhere else in the world, the sun shines and you can feel it any time, you can see it any time. But think about where you live versus where I live. Open sprawling urban areas of neighborhoods that house two-story domiciles, the open range of farmlands stretching across the bread basket of America, or you just live in a city that doesn’t hold the volume of people who NYC does. I get it and I don’t expect you to truly understand, but let’s just say this is a major detraction for NYC.

Dont get me wrong, I love the way sunlight plays off some of the world’s most incredible architecture, the way the shadows dance about the city at different times of the day, and the fact that I get a choice of walking in the shade or in the sunshine. I like choices. I like having to pick left or right, though I will probably have to put up my hand in an “L” shape to remember which side is which. (I do seriously have a problem with this for as intelligent as I may “seem.” My friends get a laugh out of the confusion they can induce from simply asking me to look to the left or right and 3 of 5 times I’ll look the wrong way bc my brain wont engage. It’s a chink in my armor, what can I say? I have to point a lot to make sure I don’t give bad directions.) Digression, sorry.

I love the choice and the choice is a no brainer for me. I want to feel the sun’s warmth and soak in a little dose of vitamin D whenever possible. It’s a subconscious choice for me and I automatically gravitate to the sunny side. I often laugh when I realize that I had in fact walked out of my way to just enjoy the sun, many times without even consciously doing so. It’s a good feeling to chase the sun and I love the exploration it allows me because I see something new every single day when doing so. This type of thinking is what gets me through my SAD periods, Seasonal Affective Disorder. I’m officially adopting a “sunny side of the street” way of thinking. You should join me. Viva la Revolucion!

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