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24oz of heaven

24oz and a cherry pepper on top

I recently posted an old blog of mine about La Isla and their outstanding stuffed french toast. In doing so, I received a comment from Marlzipan (I just love her name) about her opinion on the top 5 Hoboken eateries with La Isla being ranked. I followed up and read her post which lead me to rediscover Arthur’s Tavern last night with Chris from Ogden.

We were driving up to Washington to eat in search of Panera Bread, but I decided to throw a curveball into the mix and suggested Arthur’s. Chris’s face lit up and he smiled from ear to ear like it was his birthday. We both laughed bc everyone knows Arthur’s is good, but no one thinks about it day to day with all the bars in town to watch the games. I would like to formerly thank Marlzipan for hitting me with a reminder of how amazing this food is. 24oz was a little bigger than I remember, but they sure know how to grill em.

This slab of meat was charred with a crispy outside but inside it was buttery and cooked to perfection. Pink and rare is how I like it (out of the gutters, we are talking steak here people!) and they accommodated. A little hot pepper on the top with some home fries-styled potatoes that compliment incredibly. The steak melted in my mouth and I would have to say that this is one of the most fulfilling meals I have eaten out in a long time. It was exactly what we wanted and both entrees were exactly like we asked for.

This place is no hassle and the menu is clear cut. No frills, meat and potatoes with some seafood and down home sides. The decor is something out of old Hoboken/Jersey with the tiffany glass, NY sports teams jerseys on the wall and dark, rich wood throughout. There is no more perfect setting for a steak in Hoboken, maybe even in all of New Jersey than with Arthur’s Tavern. Neither of us finished our 24oz slabs, but for you adventurous eaters out there I dare you to get into their 49oz double! If you can finish that, you are a better man than I, or I would guess that you have some sort of blockage brewing in your heart valves. Slow down and dont take that challenge because the juiciness of that steak and its fat content may send you into a meat orgasm causing your heart to pop. Consider yourself warned.

Either way, you have to eat here if you are into steak and potatoes. You will not be disappointed. Cheers.

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