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times square adventure

Im easily distracted

I missed the last snowstorm in NYC and it was classified a blizzard. Watching the news and seeing the crushing blow it dealt to the city was a little disheartening, but even more disheartening for me is the fact that I didnt get to play in 20″ plus of snow!

I wasnt taking that chance this time. I knew that the snow wasnt going to be as substantial as the previous storm, but I was here and ready to rock. Now all I needed was to recruit some friends and let the party begin. Im not going to call anyone out (NYC friends) but you all bailed. Luckily I have two roommates up for a late night romp in the city while the snow is coming down.

Yet again...lights....(I probably drooled at some point here)

I guess its kind of cliche, but I have never been privy to snow in the city. All those films with NYC lit up and the snow falling down got me thinking that I needed to knock some more things off my life list. I know snow is a hassle and that in the city it quickly turns to a brown slurry of bum pee, taxi oil, cigarettes, and broken dreams. BUT my dream is to get at it while its still fluffy and white so that I preform snow activities. Last night, that dream became a reality!

I committed early in the day when I knew the snow was imminent. I “rallied” some troops, got my snow gear on, and headed to the bar to meet some friends before heading into NYC. All the friends there werent game and slowly but surely all those I had “rallied” were bowing out too. (No worries guys, I made it without you. Your B) Nick, Michelle, and I had a beer and then went galavanting through the snow. Sure we got some crazy looks, but that was to be expected because you can be whatever you want to be or do whatever you want to do in NYC without much consequence. That’s why I love it here. Be who you want.

our creations

The landscape was barren as we reached street level and it seemed slightly eery at first, but as we walked closer to the heart of Times Square I could feel the smile creeping ever more closely to my ears. As we reached the goal, I could not help but thank them for coming along and we set right to work. The snow was heavier in Hoboken than in NYC but we made due constructing several snow midgets (is that a proper term or would they prefer snow dwarves if they had snow brains and snow feelings? Interesting…). They were clearly the most beautiful snow people every to be rolled up in Times Square and that’s why they are so photogenic.

this may be my favorite picture of me ever

I tried to start a snowball fight while we were there too, throwing snowballs at everyone I could, but no one would bite. That was the only disappointment to the entire night as I finally got to play int he snow under some of the greatest lights in the world. I hope that the next time it snows, there is more of it and I can do it all over again, WE can do it all over again. And maybe this time, all my NYC friends wont bail since its practically in their neighborhoods!

Oh and snow angels outside Macys on 34th. I almost forgot. The only thing that could have made the night better is if we had hit Central Park as well. Maybe do a little sledding or some ice skating (since I have never been). Those would have been the only things to top the adventure. Beggars cant be choosers, and aint complaining one bit.

Photos by Michelle (Ill post Nick’s when I get them)

  1. January 13, 2011 at 23:46

    that looks pretty sweet…

    seems a little crazy…

    but fun none the less…

    • January 14, 2011 at 00:00

      More snow would’ve been better and yes it’s out of the norm, but Im not really normal?

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