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La Isla French Toast

heaven in hoboken (photo: Dayna Perillo)

I wrote this blurb way back on Mar 29, 2009 in the Bustin Boards Blog, originally titled “Hoboken Sundays.” I figured that it was worth reposting here since I love french toast so much.

If you are only in Hoboken once in your life, and that day happens to be Sunday, then the following needs to be incorporated in your time here.

Nick and I rolled up to 1st and Washington today to a little Cuban restaurant called La Isla, “the Island” for you uncultured folk that read our blog. Sit at the bar or get on the list for a table, its your choice, but take whatever seat you can because this place is always packed for Sunday Brunch. Inside is reminiscent of my many trips to Mexico when i was stationed in AZ. The crammed seating lends itself to idle banter between total strangers, the bright decor feels native and inviting and the room pulses with a vibe unlike anywhere else in Hoboken.

strawberry lava

At the bar you can see the hustle of the work staff as they slave over the ever-flowing Cuban Lattes (have 2 of these potent concoctions and be prepared for a buzz like nothing you can get over the counter) , press Cubano sandwiches and prep for the sole reason we came today…Strawberry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast!!

This isnt your mom’s rendition of french toast; soggy/ floppy egg soaked bread with too much cimanin (if you say it like when you were a kid, its funnier). No, this is something out of French Toast Lore, a brief period between the Roman Empire and Battle of Thermopylae. 6 minutes after ordering, two helpings of this delicacy emerge from the kitchen. Nick spots it first and his little mouth utters only this, “oooOOOOoooo” (i think there may have even been a golf clap included in his excitement). Emilio hands over each portion and forks start flying. He could barely get his hands to a safe distance before we dug in. Each cut produces a small crunch as you crack the sweet encrusted, fried shell. mouth-watering strawberry cream cheese magma flows from its innards and onto this pristine white plate. Only the tiniest smidgen of syrup is needed here because all its flavor is already packed inside.

One down, one to go. We each only stop for a swig of cafe and to briefly discuss that Bobby Flay has no chance to win in a Throwdown (one of his shows on Food Network) against this Cuban crew. inhale the last piece and hang out for a bit to discuss its textures, ponder questions like “whats that crust all about” and down the last drips of our coffee. Emilio shoots a smile because he knows that there are two very satisfied customers sitting at the bar and partially because he has never seen anyone eat so fast.

In and out the door in 20 minutes flat. I suggest enjoying this delicacy instead of inhaling if you are only here once and that once happens to be a Sunday. I have the luxury of rolling through every week so I don’t like to waste time.

La Isla, a small native island “plagued” with weekly eruptions of Strawberry lava from a french toast stuffed volcano of goodness. Too bad Pompeii wasn’t located in Hoboken (i laughed…maybe you didn’t)

  1. January 11, 2011 at 11:21

    YES! I just wrote about La Isla french toast too. Holla. http://jerseyfoodblog.wordpress.com/2011/01/09/marleys-top-5-hoboken-eats/

    • January 11, 2011 at 11:31

      #1, I love your name. “Marlzipan” makes me laugh because there was a character in an episode of Weeds named marzipan for her pig cookies.
      #2, I love to eat. My motto, which you will see in an upcoming blog, is “I’ll try everything once and eat everything twice.”
      #3, All of your choices for Top 5 Hoboken eats are in my top 10. Check out Fiore’s on Thursdays and Von Holland’s Deli on Fridays. Get the special. You will not be disappointed.
      #4, Holla back

  2. Dayna
    February 11, 2011 at 20:39

    How did I not see this until now!!!
    Love it

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