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Reef cups far behind us, Chris and I rolled out to Orlando to set up Ogden Clothing’s booth at Surf Expo 2011. We had walked the Surf Expo in Sept and had a blast, but now it was time for our first exhibition of NJ style with the big dogs. Every major player in the surf world would be there; Billabong, Reef, Quiksilver, and here we were. Little fish in a big pond.

The idea behind our booth was to capture something out of Anchorman with rich mahogany and many leather-bound books. We wanted to make the shop owners, other exhibitors, and anyone else walking the expo to feel welcome with our setup. We wanted people to walk into the booth, look around and catch our vibe. We had everything from cassette tapes to vinyl, an old radio, pictures of our whole crew and riders, some Bustin longboards, and Andy Warde’s mind-blowing artwork. We had some guitars, a couple old school snifters filled with sophisticated man drinks and grandma’s pimp cups which were conversation starters by themselves. The idea, the concept was amazing. The set up and assembly, however was a nightmare.

Bringing everything from the truck to our booth spot was the first challenge, but putting together bookshelves, wiring up lights, and populating those shelves turned out to be a 12 hour ordeal. Multiple runs to Ikea for parts, tedious building, and a lot of frustration, but the final setup blew away all the other booths in the entire expo. You think I say this because I was a part of it all, but that is not the case. We had multiple people stop through each day just to look around and pay us compliments on the best overall setup. Even the Eastern Surf Magazine (ESM) and the Surf Expo workers agreed. For all those hours of mind-numbing setup, we were surprised at the reception we garnered. We definitely made a splash for our first booth and with the concepts that we have for future booths, we should be the talk of the expo once again.

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