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day one

So I know that was an anticlimactic way of “ending” the blog. I never knew how it would end, I never really thought about the end product. I always thought and cared about the process of it all. The documentation of a year in the life and the exploration into the thoughts that come along with this expanse of time. I always thought about the creation of this type of venture and never truly pictured an “ending.”

Through all this, I wanted to explore a year in my life. Possibly the biggest year in my life to this point. The death of my 20s and birth of my 30s. So far, they dont seem to be that bad. Of course I say this all in jest because I am looking forward to the greatest time of my life. 30 is going to be amazing. It’s setting itself up to be the BEST, most incredible year I have ever had. With all that is going on, I can’t see it being anything BUT.

I do have regret with this project though. I wish I would’ve taken the time to write daily if only for a moment so just capture that specific moment in time. Then it would have been a true depiction of 365 days in the final year of my third decade like I had planned it to be. I would’ve let go more, written more for me. I feel like its a good body of work though. It allowed me to just think freely, express openly, and write like I have never written before. Im excited to move on to the new project; the documentation of my 30th year.

I truly ready to embrace this new challenge and to improve upon the project that I began last year at this time. Hopefully I can explore myself further, deal with some of my demons, and live life to its most full potential. Im taking every opportunity to do new things and I have huge plans for the coming year. Hopefully you will continue to follow this crazy rollercoaster that is my life. I promise it’ll be interesting to say the least. Day one of 365. 364 to go…

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