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T minus 8 hours

Some people have already been sending birthday messages and though I thank them for the thought, I still have until 612p or 615p (mom cant remember which one and I obviously dont remember) tonight before its official. I get to spend it on the train (weather permitting, cross your fingles) by myself with a shot of Kentucky Gentlemen in hand and a tear in my eye.

I awoke to the sound of my alarm at 737a (I cant do round numbers or 5s when setting an alarm, weird?) and through one squinted eye, I was able to see the sun rise. A slight smirk and then into the shower because TOGA was coming over for breakfast! TOGES! She was supposed to be at my house by 8, but showed up 4 minutes late. Strike one lady. We went to old people breakfast haven the Parlor House and for the majority of the dining experience were 30 years junior to ever patron in the joint. It smelled of griddle breakfast, burnt coffee, and a smidgen of Polident. Good morning Pennsylvania!

We discussed all types of things, caught up on family, the Christmas passed, new jobs, new opportunities, being a mommy (not me), and many other items. I always love hanging with this lady because she is full of energy and in my old age, I need to hang with people that fuel my daily life. 2 cups of coffee there are helping to push me forward this morn and I am thankful that we decided to wake this early. Why waste the last hours of youth in a coma when you can be living em?

Glad I could live a couple minutes with her today and wished that Derek would have come along too. But as he said, “some people have to work for a living.” Love that. Now Im sitting at the kitchen table and looking out over the sun shining down on the mountains behind our house. I wish I could have the best of both worlds in Hoboken, the slow life and space of HagerVegas while having the bustle and opportunity of the NYC area. Cant have your cake and eat it too I guess, though I have had a cake and ice cream already on this day of my birth.

In a couple hours Ill be scarfing cakes of the crustacean style at a little place called G&M in Bmore and then on to Penn Station to start my journey back to Snoboken.

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