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T minus 30 minutes

my train companions

As you can see this choochoo does indeed have a cafe car that sells booze for bday boys. I almost ended up kissing my delayed train bc I had just purchase a cold refreshing Bud heavy for my wait when I heard the arrival call of our delayed train. I had to run and chug like a hobo. I obviously made the train abs now I sit with some new friends.

I was hoping that my rando seat mate would like to have a rando good time with a stranger on his bday but NOOOO. He gasped when I arrived with the friends i purchased up front and quickly returned to his boring book. I explained it was my 30th bday and he lazily said happy birthday under his breath. He didn’t seem genuine.

Well that’s fine boring suit. I have some new friends to get acquainted with; Jim, Jim, and Ginger. No not the pale freckly kind (Joey Hods), but Ginger the sweet little feisty one that likes to mix it up! Well JJG and I will be over here having a blast. You keep being you. Oh and JJG and I talked while you were in the bathroom, we all agree you need to rethink your facial hair choices. Ratty moosetaches don’t work when trying to make friends OR trying to score hot chicks. Just a heads up mate.

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  1. January 2, 2011 at 22:30

    your seat mate was probably just hungover because I’ve had the SAME reaction when a guy sitting beside me on a flight continued to order Jack on the rocks then breathe on me

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