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T minus 3 hours

unwrapping my bday presents!

Just got to Bmore-careful Penn Station to find out the train is already delayed. Dont have a clue how long or why, but all things happen for a reason I guess. To pass the time, Im thinking about heading to the bar for a crappy bloody mary and hopefully I can find an outlet in this place too. Ancient building and very bland. Its kind of depressing just like anything outside of the Inner Harbor here.

Dad and I took off from HagerVegas around 1230 and were looking forward to G&M crab cakes, but found that there wasnt enough time to eat in. Luckily when I gets crab cakes on the brain, I think outside the box. I called ahead, grabbed some carry out cakes (3 full B cup cakes), and kept on trucking to Penn Station. Usually when we roll through Bmore, its by way of the harbor or coming from the west. This time we found ourselves on the east side of the city and what a depressing site it was. No wonder “The Wire” was so highly acclaimed not only for its cast/story, but for its authenticity of location.

Streets havent been paved in years, row house after row house was boarded up, and the desolation of this side of town was easily felt. It was sad to look down the passing streets into downtown and know that money flows not a mile away, but through these streets there was none. Very sobering to think that as you spiral out of gentrification further from its center, the city seems to crumble and decay. Sad to see Charm City for what it really is.

yeah buddy, cakes to the face! Love this guy.

On into Penn Station to sit on wooden benches warn from years of rubbing butts. Dad and I pulled out some crustacean cakes, divvied out the prize and dug in. 1.5 cakes to the face with a little DC (Diet Coke) to wash it all down and I am in heaven. How else would I feel after eating the best cake in MD (this isnt up for debate bc I havent heard or tasted anything that compares in size and flavor. Im ready to take this to fisticuffs if necessary) and spending some time with the old man?

The only downside is that I am starting to fall into a CCC right now. That’s a crab cake coma for those that need to be educated. Im having a hard time keeping these peeps open so I guess it is time to hit the bar for a BM. Hopefully its worth writing home about.

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