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T minus 16 hours

Yeah Im still counting down and yeah its late (or early depending on where you are). Its late for HagerVegas and I am glad to finally be in bed. I felt like today was an extra long day for some reason. Maybe its because dad and I spent 5 hours walking around the outlets, outside, looking for some boots for me. Since I seem to own 2 pairs of Cons, 3 pairs of functional Nikes, a set of flippy floppys, and some slippers. None of which are capable of dealing with 20″ of Hobo-snow which I will hopefully be seeing later today if Amtrak decides to keeps its expensive rails open. If it does not, then I am in Bmore for the night and raging with my Mexican friend and his white lady! Always a good time with them, but I am hoping that I end up in NYC for some Times Square snow angels and maybe a couple drinks.

Dinner with Nanny, mom and Larry tonight at Cafe Del Sol and it was fantastic. Cheese fries, calamari fritti with wasabi ranch, and Portofino linguini with scallops, mussels, and shrimp in a light red sauce and Im loving it. (that is in no way a McDonald’s plug! Keep your kids away from that garbagio or they are gonna be porkers!) Then to drop of Nanny at home, hit the Williamsport American Legion (as random as it gets folks) to meet a couple friends and onto welcoming in my 31st year.

Counted down the bday at midnight, got a solo song sung, and had an ice cream cone with a single candle on it. Not a bad way to start it all I guess. Now to sleep 6 more hours away until Toga gets to my house for some coffee, then off to old people’s Parlor House breakfast.

Memories of a 16 years old me – wishing I had my license. Still riding the bus to high school most times. Helping to build/wire the house where I lay my head tonight. Dislocated shoulder and torn ligaments in first attempt at snowboarding missing most of my basketball season.

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  1. December 28, 2010 at 11:07

    mmmm parlor house.

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