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T minus 32 hours

Here I wake on a sunny winter morning in Maryland to see that not a flake of snow has falling in our hometown. Meanwhile in Hoboken reports are saying up to 20″ in some spots. I was thinking about leaving yesterday but the travel advisories had gotten so bad by thte time that I decided to leave that there was no means for me to get up there. Besides, with all the flight cancellations and roadways being blocked, the trains were sold out or just as expensive for me to fly to LA. That’s ridiculous.

I have been looking through all the pics my friends have posted on Facebook who are back up in NYC and the Shore area and CANNOT wait to put on my snow gear to frolic about in NYC. Im thinking that tomorrow night in the city, if I make it back, could be amazeballs.

Ive been talking with mom this morning over coffee and some truly scrumptious bread, a portuguese saloio loaf. I’ve never heard of it, but I have this Brazilian lady on the case looking for where its sold. The conversation lead to my being born nearly 30 years ago and the circumstances surrounding my grand entrance into this world. It is a pretty epic story which can be told in full detail tomorrow as I once again relive one of the most exciting years of my life.

Today I have no plans except to find some boots to wear around in the Snowpocalyptic blizzard in NYC. Lazy day. Hope I see Toga, havent seen Troy, guess that’s the only people left to get face time with. The family is going out to Cafe Del Sol tonight for dinner so that should be fun. Nothing left to report accept that there are 30 hours left in my 20s. I think its pretty funny actually that it has come to this.

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