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the greatest minute in christmas film history

I know this is debatable, but Im not hear to listen to your quibbling. I understand that Ralphy from “A Christmas Story” gave us plenty of gems like coming down the stairs in the pink bunny outfit or when he said “fudge” (not really fudge) when helping his father change the flat tire and losing the lug nuts. I also understand that the Griswold’s frying cats and Clark’s excitement when he finally gets the lights to come on are moments that will live on forever. BUT, this moment, for me, is it folks.

I watch “A Christmas Story” at least 3-4 times on Christmas day thanks to it running 24 hours on TNT (THANKS, you guys are geniuses). But every time I watch ELF, it climbs closer to that number one spot. I have been watching for only 20 minutes now and I feel like I cannot stop smiling.

Come on, with lines like “Im just a cotton-headed ninny muggins” or “SANTA!!! OH MY GOD!! I KNOW HIM!!!” “you sit on a throne of lies” or “It’s just nice to meet another human who shares my affinity for elf culture” how can you not love this flick? If you watch this an dont laugh; 1) you may not have a sense of humor and, 2) you may need to reread number 1.

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